Our topic this half term is Celebrations!

We are thinking about lots of different celebrations such as Bonfire Night and Remembrance Day. We are looking at birthdays in our Religious Education lessons, as Advent is the time where we wait and prepare for the Jesus’s birthday.

I would love to know about the different special celebrations you celebrate with your family, that are not your birthday. We can share these in class and think about all of the different celebrations that come from all around the world.

What do you celebrate with your family?

Do you wear special clothes, or make and eat any special food?

I cannot wait to hear all about the different ways we celebrate in Nursery!


One comment on “Celebrations!

  1. With my family, I celebrate Christmas and Easter.

    Christmas is special to me because I get presents and a Christmas Tree with a lot of decorations.

    Easter is special to me because I do an Easter Egg Hunt and I get chocolate eggs.

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