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Good morning, Nursery!

On this blog, we would love to hear about all of the books that you are reading at home.  Tell us the title and author of the book in case other children would like to read the book too.

Can you guess how a story might end?

Can you tell us where the story is set and what happens?

Can you tell us about the main characters from the story?



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  1. Hairy Maclary from Donaldson’s Dairy (by Lynley Dodd):- Hairy Maclairy is a small dog and he has big friends ( a dog with spots and a fluffy dog) and small friends. I thought the dogs would search for a bone. They saw the biggest, fat cat in town. “Miaow”, he said. And they (the dogs) ran home. Hairy Maclary was scared of the cat and ran home to hide in his bed.

  2. Miss Siswick says:

    Well done, Nicolas. You have told us all about the story with lots of detail. I know that this is one of Mrs Knowler’s favourite books. She loves to read it out loud with different voices for all of Hairy Maclary’s friends!

  3. Mrs Knowler says:

    I love reading lots of books out loud but Hairy Maclary is one of my absolute favourites!! I am especially fond of Muffin McLay, like a bundle of hay.

  4. We read The Fairytale Hairdresser and Father Christmas yesterday. There is an elf called Nutmeg. My mummy let me smell a real nutmeg. It smells too strong. The hairdresser is called Kittie Lacey. She gets everyone ready for Christmas. The Snow Queen steals all the presents. Kittie helps Father Christmas get the presents back and deliver them. The Snow Queen and Kittie Lacey become friends. The End.

  5. Miss Siswick says:

    That sounds like a very good book, Hermine. Thank you for telling us all about it.

  6. Book “Follow The Track All The Way Back” by Timothy Knapman:- It is about Little Train. He drives on the track all by himself for the very first time. He chugging-chugged forward very carefully. He races through a field and goes over a bridge. Then he goes over a mountain. He races by the river and then there is no track left. Then he remembers, what his mummy said:- “No matter how far away you are, go all the way back”. The mouse helps him and then he faces the right way. Then he goes home along the river, across the mountain, over the bridge and through a field. Then he sees his mummy and daddy again.

  7. Miss Siswick says:

    I‘m glad that the little train got home safely, Nicolas. I love a story with a happy ending.

  8. Mrs Knowler says:

    Those books sound great. Maybe you could bring them in for me, Miss Siswick and Mrs Rekkas to read to you on our next Treasure Time.

  9. Dear Miss Siswick,

    We read “ The Clumpsy Duck” by Britta Teckentrump. The story is about a duck who falls a lot because she has too big feet. She is sad because she is not good at walking so with the help of her friend chick she tries to find what she is good at. In the end she discovers that she is good at swimming. She swims like a lovely ballerina and this makes her happy again.

  10. Miss Siswick says:

    Thank you, Anna. That sounds like a great book with a lovely message. Everyone is good at something. I am very bad at dancing but good at swimming.

  11. Hello Nursery!
    I love Zog by Julia Donaldson because he captures the princess then he gets a golden star from his teacher. Princess Pearl gives a plaster to Zog and she is a clever doctor.
    Zog breathes out fire because he is a dragon and he learns how to fly.

  12. Miss Siswick says:

    Hello, Grace. I love all of Julia Donaldson’s books but I don’t know this one so well. It sounds very exciting.

  13. Book “Pony, Bear and Appletree” by Sigrid Heuck: There was a Pony. It had an appletree. One day the apples were all gone. The pony and the bear looked for the apples 🍎. The pony had a long journey to find the apples (He went with a ship ⛴ over the sea). The crows had all the apples. Pony took the apples back and gave them to everyone who helped him to find the apples. The pony had two apples left. He shared the two apples with the bear. The End.

  14. Miss Siswick says:

    You are reading a lot of books this week, Nicolas. Well done. I like the way that the pony shared the apples with the others.

  15. Mrs Knowler says:

    They sound like great books. Zog could be included on our Religious blog as well as it is all about helping people and being kind.

  16. Mrs Knowler says:

    You love “No, I don’t want to do that!” The man that wrote it is called Nick Cope and you can hear him reading it on YouTube if you want to. Just ask your grown up to help you to find it. He does lots of other things too. Happy listening.

  17. I also like “The Lamb Who Came To Dinner” by Joelle Dreidemy . It’s about a lamb who came to dinner with a wolf. The wolf wants to eat the lamb but in the end he didn’t.
    The wolf changes his mind and loves the lamb. He make the lamb a vegetable soup!
    I like the pictures of the lamb because they are beautiful.

  18. Miss Siswick says:

    Hello, Grace. That sounds like a lovely book. I’m so glad that the wolf changed his mind or it would have been a very sad story!

  19. Book “Puffin Peter” by Petr Horàček: It is about two birds (puffins) Peter and Paul. They are best friends and they play together. One day there was a big storm. Peter lost Paul. A whale helped Peter to find Paul. They met a lot of other birds before they found Paul (parrots, penguins). When they found Paul, Peter was very happy. They played on the rocky island. The End.

  20. Miss Siswick says:

    I’m so glad that Paul was found safely in the end, Nicolas.

  21. Book „A Day with the Animal Railway“ by Sharon Rentta: This is one of my favourite books and I like to read the German version with my Opa (We both love trains 🚂): Dexter is a cat. He goes with his grandpa to the seaside. They have to catch a train. The train is delayed, because the driver looses his glasses and can‘t see. The train has no driver. But Dexter’s grandpa was a train driver. So Dexter‘s grandpa drives the train to the seaside. Everyone is happy. They eat ice-cream at the beach. The End.

  22. Miss Siswick says:

    Thank you, Nicolas. It sounds like a lovely book. Mrs Knowler loves trains too so I bet she’d enjoy reading this one.

  23. Hello Nursery,
    I am really enjoying my daddy reading Frog and Toad – the complete collection by Arnold Lobel. He reads 2 stories to me every evening before bed. Daddy loved these stories when he was a boy.

  24. Miss Siswick says:

    Hello, Fiadh. I love the Frog and Toad books too.

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