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Talk with your family, think about the seeds we have been planting, read an information book or look on the internet to answer this week’s big question:

What do plants need to grow?





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  1. Hello, everyone. This is Aoife. I think that plants need compost, water and sun to grow. I hope you are all having a good time.🙂🥞

  2. Miss Siswick says:

    Hello, Aoife. Where have you put your beanstalk to make sure it gets lots of sun?

  3. Rain water or water. Sun. Love 🙂

  4. Miss Siswick says:

    Hello, Grace. Are you remembering to water your beanstalk?

  5. Plants need water 💧and sun ☀️.

  6. Miss Siswick says:

    Hello, Nicolas. Is your beanstalk in a sunny place?

  7. Plants need sun, water, soil and rain to grow. My beanstalk is growing very fast.

  8. Miss Siswick says:

    I am glad your beanstalk is growing well, Hermine. Can you see the roots yet?

  9. Mrs Knowler says:

    What a lovely, sunny day today! Our beanstalks should do well.

  10. Miss Siswick says:

    Let’s hope so, Mrs Knowler.

  11. My beanstalk is now 39 cm high. It grows really really quick.

  12. Miss Siswick says:

    I would love to see your tall beanstalk, Hermine. If you ask an adult to e-mail a photo to the office, I could post it for everyone to see.

  13. Good morning Miss Siswick, yes, my beanstalk is outside and it is really sunny. (Note from Nicolas’ mum:- Unfortunately, I don’t think the beanstalk will grow, because Nicolas filled the whole cup with water on the first day. We tried to rescue it, but so far no plant has grown).

  14. Miss Siswick says:

    I will keep my fingers crossed that your beanstalk starts to grow soon, Nicolas. It will be a great experiment to see how much water a bean plant needs.

  15. Mrs Knowler says:

    I decided I would do a science experiment with my beanstalk. I have planted it in same pot as the little Christmas tree that Miss Siswick bought me. I can’t wait to see what happens.

  16. To grow beanstalks you need soil, water and sun and it will grow by itself. My beanstalk is big now and I need to put it in bigger pot.

  17. Miss Siswick says:

    Hello, Caspian. I’m glad your bean is growing. When you put it in a bigger pot, you may also need to put a taller stick in it so that the plant can grow around it.

  18. Dear Miss Siswick,

    Plants need seeds, soil, water and sun to grow.

  19. Miss Siswick says:

    That’s right, Anna. How is your beanstalk doing? Is Marie’s beanstalk from when she was at Nursery still growing?

  20. Mrs Lynch says:

    Wow Nursery I am so impressed with you all.You all know so much about growing plants. I hope it gets sunny soon so that I can grow some plants in my garden.
    Mrs Lynch

  21. Hello Miss Siswick,
    A plant needs soil water and sun to grow.
    I put my beanstalk outside in the sun.

  22. Miss Siswick says:

    Good morning, Leopold. I’m glad that your bean is getting some sunshine. If you take a photo of your beanstalk and e-mail it to the office, I can post it on our bean diary page.

  23. Miss Coleman says:

    Good morning Nursery, I’m pleased to see that you are taking such good care of your beanstalks. When they have grown really tall you can ask your mummy or daddy to email us photos and we can show them on this Blog.
    I will ask Mr Normunds to remember to water all the plants at school.
    Take care, Miss Coleman

  24. Mrs Knowler says:

    Hello everyone. I change the position of my plants once a week. I swap them around every Friday. I think this must help as they are growing really well.

  25. Thank you Mrs Knowler. We didn’t think of that but we have moved our plants around too. We hope they grow lots.

  26. Hello, this is Gabriel 🙂
    Plants need water, seeds, soil, a cup, sun.

  27. Miss Siswick says:

    Well done, Gabriel. Go to our Bean Diary blog to tell us how your beanstalk is doing. You can email a photo if you like.

  28. Mrs Knowler says:

    Hi Gabriel. Plants should grow with all those things. Good work.

  29. Philip’s family says:

    Finally today our bean has sprouted! We have been moving it around to find a happy growing place. Fingers crossed it keeps growing, we are giving it lots of love and attention.

  30. Miss Siswick says:

    Great news, Philip and family! Send us a photo next week and I’ll post it on the bean diary page.

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