Our Spring topic will be… Historical Heroes!

We all know some made up superheroes, like Spiderman and the Hulk, and they are truly amazing! These heroes can fly, swing through cities, or have super-human strength which helps them to save the world. Whilst they are great, there are other heroes throughout history that are real. They might not have the special or magical powers like you have seen in films, but they do have something incredibly special about them. They have done something in their lifetime which has had a huge impact on others. Some of the heroes that we will learn about have become famous over time because of the way that their work has influenced the way that we live, or the things that we do, even today in 2022!

This will be an exciting topic for us in Year 2, as we will be able to research these individuals and learn all about why we remember them. We will also be able to learn more about different time periods and begin to develop our understanding of global and British history even further.

Our homework will commence from Monday 10th January, but until then, I would like you to consider what makes a hero. Read the questions below and post your answers on the blog. I look forward to reading about your ideas!

  1. Can you think of a historical hero that we might be learning about? 
  2. What makes this person a hero and why should we focus on them?
  3. Who do you think is a hero and why?

21 comments on “Historical Heroes!

  1. Hello,

    The superhero I like the most is Ladybug but she isn’t real.

    The real superhero is Jesus.
    Also my mother told me that there are a lot of superhero that I don’t really know but would love to learn about. Like Julius Caesar, Alexander the Great, Ghandi, Martin Luther King, Leonardo da Vinci. William Shakespeare and many more.

    My answer is Jesus was a hero because God created him to help us love each other.

  2. 1- Louis Pasteur
    2- He discovered the vaccsine so he saved lots of lives.
    3- everybody can be a hero if they are nice and do things to help and save people. Policemen and firemen are heros because they are couragous and do things to save the people.

  3. Elisa Maria says:

    We might also be learning about : Dante Alighieri, William Shakespeare, Galileo Galieli, Artemisia Gentileschi. Who is my favourite one. I think she is an hero Because she is a woman and a famous and amazing painter which was really rare at her time (about 400 years ago). Moreover she is Italian but came and worked a lot in England too.
    I Think that an hero is who makes the world a little better with his life.

  4. Dictated by Mikey.

    Stephen Hawking

    Doctors told him that a rare disease was paralysing his body. Stephen turned his attention to black holes. He proved that black holes had a tiny light escaping from them and it was called Hawking Radiation. He dictated a book which helped the world understand the universe. He is a hero because he was a great scientist and also showed that you can overcome any struggle thrown your way.

    My nanny because she can’t walk but she is still happy all the time.

  5. I think we will learn about Florence Nightingale.
    She was one of the first nurses. She started a hospital for soldiers who were wounded. Before that they often died because they had no nurse to look after them.
    She was called the lady with the lamp because she went around at night with her lamp to see if soldiers were alright.

  6. I think we are going to be learning about Florence Nightingale.

    Florence Nightingale is a hero because she helped the injured soldiers in the Crimean war by making hospitals cleaner. We should focus on Florence Nightingale because she taught people about hygiene in hospitals and changed how the sick were treated.

    I think the NHS are heroes because they risk their lives to help the people in hospitals with Covid or other disease.

  7. I was excited to see on the website that the new topic was Historical Heroes! I saw on the topic sheet that we will learn about Florence Nightingale, who I knew was a famous nurse in the Crimean War. My daddy didn’t know who Mauritis Cornelius was, so we looked him up – his last name, Escher, was missing from the sheet! My favourite sketch was an impossible staircase – race you to the top, Miss!

  8. 1. Florence Nightingale.
    2. She created the modern way of nursing.
    3. Samuel Pepys.

  9. 1. We are learning about Florence Nightingale
    2. She is a hero because she was very brave and saved people that were very ill. She made the hospitals much better by training nurses.
    3. My dad is a hero because he is super strong and super brave. He is always saving everyone.

  10. 1. Florence Nightingale

    2. Florence Nightingale is a hero, because she was helping lots of people during a war and hard times, we should focus on her because her actions as a nurse teach us to care for one another

    3. Firemen are heroes, because they risk their lives saving people in danger (from fires)

  11. Florence nightingale . She helped soldiers who were hurt in the war. Florence nightingale is a Hero because she is a doctor.

  12. Florence Nightingale- she has the same name as me. My Mummy is going to take me to her hospital building on Harley Street. There’s a blue plaque so you know where it is.

  13. 1. Florence Nightingale
    2.Florence Nightingale is a hero as she devoted her life to caring for the sick & war wounded and introduced more sanitary conditions to hospitals which reduced disease.
    3. I think Edward Jenner is a hero as he invented the first vaccine. He noticed that milkmaids who got cowpox never caught smallpox (which was far worse!). So he set to work on investigating an idea for a vaccine – rubbing the material from one of the pox on a milkmaids hand into a scratch he made on an 8 year old boy, who had never had smallpox or cowpox. The little boy was mildly ill with cowpox but never ever contracted smallpox – and so the first vaccine was discovered!

  14. Rocco Becci says:

    Diego Maradona is a historical football hero.
    He played for Argentina, Barcelona and Napoli.
    People say he is the greatest footballer that ever lived .
    He won the World Cup and was very skilful.
    He is famous for ‘The Hand of God’ incident against England.
    He died in November 2020.

  15. Edith Cavell. She nursed wounded soldiers in World War 1 and helped allied soldiers escape which saved many lives. Sadly she was punished by the German government who sentenced her to death. She was very brave and kind which is why she’ll always be remembered.

  16. Mary Seacole was born in 1805 in Kingston, Jamaica. She died, may the 14, 1881, London, England. She was a nurse who provided care for British soldiers during war.

  17. I am choosing Florence Nightingale. She was a nurse, she told everyone to wash their hands before they touch the wounds. She was as the lady with the lamp.

  18. I am choosing Florence Nightingale, she was a nurse. She was born in Florence, Italy, she lived in England.
    She told everyone to wash their hands before they touch the wounds of the soldiers.
    She was known as the lady with the lamp.

  19. I think we will be learning about Louis Braille because he helped the blind to be able to read and write. This shows us that he is definitely the kind of historical hero that the blind people need.

  20. My favourite hero is Florence Nightingale.
    She was a hero because she helped the soldiers that were hurt in the Crimean war.
    Here are some interesting facts about her.
    She was born in Florence,Italy . Her nickname was the lady with the lamp.
    She cleaned the hospitals.

  21. I loved it so much

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