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The Wednesday Word aims to help all school families draw closer to God, to the Church and to each other by sharing the Gospel together.

As you know, we send home a hard copy of  The Wednesday Word every week for families to read together and to support children’s understanding of the Gospel. However, for the time being, The Wednesday Word will continue as an online resource and will be saved on this page every Wednesday for you to continue your reflection. You could also try some of the activities on the Wednesday Word Children’s Zone

Wednesday Word 12.02.22 JOY

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  1. Gospel 12/01/22

    Joy is a positive feeling that makes you feel better about yourself and affects your wellbeing. Joy is the feeling that motivates you to keep on going, and without it people wouldn’t be who they are ’til this day. It is very important to know that it is a very special feeling to have, and others should have a chance to experience it. Joy brings people together and reminds people that the joy of the Lord is their strength. Just like in today’s Gospel, people were disappointed and miserable since there was no more wine in the wedding. Once Jesus told them to fill the jars with water, they were suddenly amazed on how the water quickly changed into wine.

  2. Joy is a feeling of good pleasure and happiness. Joy comes from the Holy Spirit abiding in God’s presence and from hope in His word. The Holy Bible says, “The joy of the Lord is your strength.” This means that real joy comes from God and is ours forever.

  3. This week’s gospel is all about Joy. When Mary noticed that the wine had run out and said to the servants, “Do whatever Jesus tells you to do.” Also joy is very infectious, therefore we should always be filled and show joy to one another. Joy means a feeling of great pleasure and happiness, and also rejoicing. Jesus is always filled with joy so we should copy the great example that Jesus showed us to.
    Also if we are close to Jesus we will have joy in our hearts and a smile on our faces that’s what Pope Francis said.

  4. Joy is a nice feeling. Sometimes we feel happy, sometimes sad but God gives us ever lasting love.

  5. Joy is the feeling of happiness and we should all be joyful as we have been created by God, we should also feel joy as we have been created to live on this earth and spread happiness.

  6. Eugenia Y5 says:

    When we have joy in our hearts,it is a happy feeling. If we listen to what Jesus tells us and we do it,we always get rewarded by him and God. Sometimes we get tempted by the devil and we learn from it.
    I think this is what the gospel was trying to teach us.

  7. Camila Rexer Y3 says:

    Joy and happiness are wonderful feelings and Jesus wants us to be happy . We feel happy sometimes and also sad. Jesus is here to make the love never end.

  8. I think the Gospel is trying to tell us that when we have joy, it gives us happy feelings. If we listen to what Jesus tells us we are in Gods family but even if you don’t listen to Jesus we still are part of God’s family.

  9. I think the Gospel is trying to tell us that when we are joyful we have happiness and we listen to when Jesus tells us.

  10. Joy is a feeling of happiness and when you feel happy you can spread joy to help others who may be feeling down. Also joy is good because you can sometimes or always just spread God’s word to make people feel better in a fun way.

  11. The gospel tells us about being joyful and happy in a good way and when you need Jesus’ help you should not be afraid to ask him. At the wedding ceremony Jesus did a miracle that helped people to believe in him and worship him by going to church.

  12. In this gospel Jesus turns the water in to wine. This shows us that he cares for us because if there is no wine at a wedding it is considered rubbish.

  13. Joy means being happy and loving God. I feel joyful when mum gives me cuddles or when I move up the rainbow. 🌈

  14. In this story Jesus did his first miracle by turning water into wine -this brought joy to the marriage. If you want joy you have to pray and be nice to people.

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