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Welcome to our Reading Diary blog! We’ll all be doing lots of reading and so it would be great if you could share which books you’ve been reading so others can read them too.

  • What is your book called?
  • What happened in your book?
  • Why did you enjoy it?
  • Who else do you think will enjoy reading it and why?


I’ve been reading Meerkat Mail. It is a story about a meerkat called Sunny who doesn’t like his home so he travels around the world staying with his family, looking for a new home. I really enjoyed it because there are lots of funny pictures. I think other children in Year 2 will enjoy it because he writes really funny comments in his postcards.

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  1. I like to read the Bella Broomstick books (by Lou Kuenzler): Bella is a witch, but not good at magic. Therefore she gets sent to the Person World where she is banned from doing magic. She has a lot of adventures there. I enjoyed the books, because the stories were really exciting (she has a flamingo pen that is actually a wand!). I think others might enjoy the books too, because there are also lovely pictures in the books that show the characters of the story.

  2. Miss Carruthers says:

    That sounds like a very fun book to read! I think lots of children will also enjoy reading it because of all her adventures.

  3. Dear Miss Carruthers,
    I have been reading Amelia Bedelia.
    In the book Amelia Bedelia is trying to find a business because she needs to work to get a new bike and earn at least half of it.
    I like it because it’s very funny!
    I think many children in Year 2 will like it because it is entertaining and hilarious!

  4. Miss Carruthers says:

    I’m glad you have been enjoying these stories!

  5. Nadine y2 says:

    My book is called Theatre Shoes. The book is about 2 girls called Holly and Sorrel and 1 boy called Mark. When their mother dies and their dad goes missing in the Navy, their grandfather looks after them but he dies soon too. They go to live with their grandmother ( who does NOT look old). She was once a famous actress. She sends them to stage training with grandfather’s leftover money. She does not have any money left. Can the three children become famous actor or actresses and get money for the family? I think Y2 will like it because it is interesting and it includes the three children growing up.

  6. Miss Carruthers says:

    What an exciting book! Please let me know how it finishes.

  7. Dear Miss Carruthers ,
    I’ve been reading Sleepover by Jacqueline Wilson.It is about a group of girls. The girls names are Amy,Bella, Chloe ,Daisy and Emily.They all wanted to have a Sleepover party.My favourite part is when it was Bella’s sleepover because she ate a lot like my sister Bella. My Daddy calls Isabella Bella!

  8. Miss Carruthers says:

    What a great book! Are you and your sister having some sleepovers at the moment as well? I hope you don’t eat too much like the girls in the story!

  9. Dear Miss Carruthers,
    I have been reading The Monster Story-Teller by Jacqueline Wilson.It is about a girl who was bored at school. Her name was Natalie. She met a tiny monster and she travelled with the monster to PlanetMonster. They swam with dolphins and when they were out of the water, they saw dragons that dry you. There was a hot one ,a warm one and a special sauna dragon.

  10. Miss Carruthers says:

    Wow! I’d love to swim with dolphins. What an exciting story to get you to imagine what that would be like.

  11. Sleepover sounds a really exciting book Emilia. When I was at school I always used to like stories about midnight feasts!

    The Monster Story-Teller sounds exciting too Isabella. I like the idea of a sauna dragon!

  12. Dear Miss Carruthers

    I have been reading Robinson Crusoe. It’s all about when someone doesn’t listen to his dad and when he is a grown up he wants to sail the oceans. But one day when he was sailing a storm crashed his boat and he was left on an island for thirty five years. He met a friend who was from a different country so he named him Friday. And they soon became friends. Eventually they were rescued and when Robinson Crusoe put on his brand new English clothes, Friday laughed.

  13. Miss Carruthers says:

    Another exciting adventure story! Maybe the boy should have listened to his dad at the start of the story..! I’m glad they got rescued at the end. Do you think other children would like to read this story?

  14. Robinson Crusoe is a fantastic adventure story Albert. I agree with Miss Carruthers – the boy should have listened to his dad. Thirty five years seems a very long time to be stranded on an island. Did he learn lots of survival skills?

  15. Albert Darwen says:


  16. Mrs O’Neill says:

    You are all reading lots of exciting books. It’s good that you are all keeping up with your reading.

  17. Dear Miss Carruthers
    I have been reading the Bleak house by Charles Dickens. It is about a girl called Esther who didn’t know her parents and was taken by her wicked godmother. Then she found her parents and married a doctor. I liked it because they use my name in the story and Esther finds her parents.

  18. Miss Carruthers says:

    It is always very exciting when the main character has the same name as you! I’m glad she found her parents at the end – what a good story to be reading.

  19. Dear Miss Carruthers

    I have been reading Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens. It is about a boy called Oliver, he never got to see his mum because she got ill and died. He went to an orphanage School but it was very strict. One day Oliver asked for more but he never got more instead he was thrown into a dark, creepy cellar. He runs away and joins a robbers gang. Then he meets a kind man and lives with him but meets the gang again. Will Oliver get back to the kind man? I think Year 2 will like this story because the boy moves from one place to another.

  20. Miss Carruthers says:

    I love the story of Oliver Twist. I agree, I think other children will also enjoy this story because of the adventure and excitement in the story.

  21. Wow Anna and Esther Charles Dickens is such a famous author. I love his stories too because you can learn what life was like in the past and how difficult it was for some children in those days. Will you swap books?

  22. Anna & Esther says:

    We have all ready read the opposite book.

  23. Dear Miss Carruthers
    I have been reading The Weather Around The World by Milly and Flynn. It is about a boy and a girl, and they travel around the world and they
    go to different places. The boy goes to a Rainforest, a Farm and a Lighthouse and the girl goes to a desert, the north pole and the beach.
    The boy saw a chimpanzee, fox and seagull and the girl saw camels, polar bears and a crab. The boy travels through a storm and a rainforest and the girl travels through the north pole and the desert.

  24. Wow Joshua it’s great to explore the world by reading a book at home! I hope you enjoyed it.

  25. Sophie Ma says:

    I read a book called smile and the story is about were the big sister fell and 2 teeth came out but one of them got stuck in her gum. So she had to go to the doctors and fix it. She had to have braces on her teeth. When she started school again everyone asked her what happened and they all wanted to look at it. I really enjoyed this book because she was so brave and she didn’t cry.

  26. Wow Sophie imagine having a tooth stuck in your gum. She really was brave

  27. Miss Cimmino says:

    Well done children, you are such good readers!

  28. Miss Carruthers says:

    Have any of you read any news books this week? We’ve love to hear all about the stories you are reading!

  29. Yes! I have been 📖 Why? Over 1,111 awesome facts about everything. It tells great facts like: Why were pyramids so popular in the ancient 🌍 ? Why are American🇺🇸 footballs called pigskins? I think 🤔 Year 2 will like this book 📚 because it has interesting 🤔 facts .

  30. Miss Carruthers says:

    You’ve made that book sound very exciting. Why are American footballs called pigskins?

  31. I used to love fact books when I was your age Anna. I could look through them for hours. There’s always something new to learn.

  32. Sophia P says:

    Good morning Miss Carruthers,

    I love the Princess Poppy books by Janey Louise Jones. This week I have read the book called Pony Club Princess. The Pony Club has a competition. Poppy wants to enter the competition with her horse Twinkletoes. A lot of things go wrong for Poppy and she does not know if she will be able to be part of the competition.


  33. Miss Carruthers says:

    Sounds like a wonderful story Sophia, I’m sure it is one that lots of other children would want to read as well.

  34. Dear Miss Carruthers

    I have been reading ‘Miranda the Castaway’.
    I was interested in all the clever things that she did to survive, like using her glasses to make fire and bamboo to bring water to her tree house. I felt a bit jealous of her being able to do what ever she wants on the island!


  35. Miss Carruthers says:

    Is this a story that is based on Miranda from the Tempest? It sounds like she has had to be very resourceful and creative to survive. Can you design something else that would help her on the island?

  36. Emilia & Isabella says:

    We started reading another book of Jacqueline Wilson called “The butterfly club”.
    It is about the life of girl triplets Philippa ,Madlaine and Tina.
    We liked the book so far because we are girl twins and we have found lots similar facts with them.

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