Save Planet Earth

Our Planet is a wonderful place with lots of special countries and places.

Sadly, we have not been looking after our world as carefully as we should be and so some habitats are being destroyed.

Have you heard of any places where this might be happening? What can we do to help?

17 comments on “Save Planet Earth

  1. In the rainforest people are getting trucks and destroying animalsβ€˜ homes by cutting down trees and planting palm trees instead to make oil. Therefore you should not buy products which include palm oil. If you do not buy these products then people will stop planting palm trees. The rainforest will be saved. 🌴πŸ¦₯

  2. The Amazon rainforest is the largest tropical rainforest in the world.

  3. Over 25% of natural medicines have been discovered in rainforests.

  4. One way we can help the rainforest is to use less paper. We can re-use paper, write on the back of paper or recycle the paper that we have already used.

  5. The white rhinos are becoming extinct. There are only 2 females left in the whole world. We are destroying their habitat and killing them for their horns. We have to change the world for the white rhinos. In China, pandas almost became extinct but people helped them and their population came back.

  6. The world is not clean and we need to clean it wherever we go but if we don’t then people might get sick from the dirty air.

  7. Don’t cut down jungle trees because it will ruin animals’ homes.

  8. The rainforest animals are loosing their homes, losing their family and dying because trucks are breaking down trees to make palm oil.

  9. Australia have had loads of fires because of global warming. Animals like koala bears and kangaroos are dying. We need to stop polluting with cars and lots of things. Smoke pollutes too. We need to stop. The world is getting dirtier. We must look after it. Someone somewhere won’t make a difference. We need to make a difference, a huge difference.

  10. We need to start putting our rubbish in the bin.
    We need to stop polluting the world.
    We need to start re-using.
    To save the planet

  11. Every day 8 million pieces of plastic pollution find their way to the ocean covering 80% of the ocean floor. This will cause 🐟 to die. In 2050 there could be only 20% of fish alive.😞🐟🌊🐠🐑🐬

  12. Don’t ruin sea creatures’ homes or they won’t live and they will die and then there will be less sea creatures.

  13. Lots of people are making the environment worse by chopping down trees because trees give us clean air. Everyone should help by planting more trees.

  14. In Australia, people were using cars so much that the polluted air got stuck in the atmosphere, and that made it so hot that fires began to start! But these fires didn’t only harm humans. All of the animals’ homes were destroyed meaning that they were homeless. But more importantly, it’s hurting the animals themselves.

  15. In Australia, half a billion animals 🦘and plants 🌾were killed by the wild fires πŸ”₯. They’re so smoky that glaciers in New Zealand are turning black.

  16. Lots of 🐠 are dying very quickly. We need to stop polluting too. Try to not use your πŸš— too much. If πŸ‘¨β€πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘§β€πŸ‘¦ try we can save the 🌍.

  17. The sea 🌊 is getting to much plastic. We can make stuff out of plastic bottles, plastic πŸ’Όs, and lots of other things too BUT if we want to save the sea we need to spread the message nation wide. You can help by passing the message around your family. If we try very hard we can save the sea.

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