Under the Sea

Our new topic is ‘Under the Sea’.  We are looking forward to learning about creatures that live under the sea and also to our visit to the London Aquarium.

Please tell us about your favourite under the sea creatures and why you like them.

9 comments on “Under the Sea

  1. Miss Siswick says:

    My favourite ‘Under the Sea’ creatures are seahorses. I like the way that they move and I like the shape of their heads. I saw lots of seahorses at the Aquarium last year and I was surprised at how small and delicate they are.

    What’s your favourite creature that lives under the sea and why?

  2. My favorite ‘under the sea’ creatures are Dolphins because they swim like a fish under the water and they make sharks swimming like that!

  3. My favourite fish are the angler fish (that have lights on their heads) and the pearlside fish (that have lights in their eyes), like it the “Tiddler” book. Mummy looked up what they were called!
    I also like sharks because they don’t have legs and jellyfish because they don’t have hands or legs!

  4. Mrs Knowler says:

    My favourite Under the Sea creatures are giant turtles. I even got the chance to swim with one on holiday last year. It was a lot of fun.

  5. My favourite sea creature is a dolphin, because they can jump so, so, so high. They make a squeaky sound.

  6. I like whales because they’re big.

  7. I like sea snakes the best because they go underwater but most snakes don’t.

  8. I like blob fish because they look sad but they aren’t actually sad.

  9. My favourite under the sea creatures are the angler fish (because he flies!) and the shark (because he swims in a funny way!).

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