Our new topic for the Summer term is ‘Journeys’.  There are many different types of journeys and we will be exploring this topic through  different areas of the curriculum.

What does the word ‘journey’ mean to you?

7 comments on “Summer Topic: Journeys

  1. I am really excited to learn about this topic!

  2. Journeys!!
    To me the word Journey means having an experience whether that it fun 😊 or not 💔. That could be a holiday or even a journey of feelings. For some, it’s a winding path 🏞 with lots of ups and downs. Yet for others, it’s a place to explore and have fun. 🗺🏝 Through the years, we as a class have all been on a journey together. We have experienced fun, exciting adventure but have also been on a rollercoaster 🎢 of emotions.💔

    That’s what a journey mean’s to me. I can’t wait till we can learn more about this topic.

    Love from Tijne 🌸💖

  3. Sophie Yr6 says:

    Miss Siswick,
    To me, the word ‘journey’ means to go through a long process to be at a certain point in life. Sometimes, a journey can be to reach your goal. Sometimes, a journey can be to follow in Jesus’ footsteps. But, no matter what your journey is, it is always special and unique, just like you are.

    P.S. I am really looking forward to looking more into this topic.

  4. In my opinion the journey means to go somewhere else to where you live or to go on holiday and go somewhere new . I think it is also to go discover a new place. For example a journey is like if you go to Paris and discover the Eiffel tower. I have done lots of journeys and loved each one of them.

  5. I think the word journey means, in my opinion, experiencing different feelings, emotions or adventure. Take life as an example. Life is just like a journey. It has highs and lows, different emotions or feelings like I’ve said before, or perhaps you have a goal that you are willing to achieve. You have to be hopeful, commited and determined to achieve what your mind is set on, and that is just like the challenges of a journey. Not every part is a smooth road, but if you can keep your chin up and focus on what matters, you’ll get to your destination so fast you wouldn’t even realize it.

  6. I think journey means to experience new things and to explore different areas or places. it could also mean experiencing different emotions and feelings. journeys aren’t just smooth and easy, they can be hard too. if you try your best and work hard for your destination, it will happen so fast you won’t even know it.

  7. Hello,
    In my opinion, the word journey means to set off somewhere that may be far away or pretty close.
    I think that you can journey through things like books and it can also be a more personal journey.
    For me, journey is to go and discover new places and to learn new things. A journey can be alone, but it is better when you are with family and friends as then, you can learn and explore together.
    A journey can include a way of transport: bus, car, bike, train or even by plane!

    Well, I am very excited to learn about this new topic,
    Goodbye, Stella.

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