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The Big Question

Has the fight for freedom and equal rights for all humans been won?


28 comments on “The Big Question-Topic!

  1. I don’t think it has completely been won, for in some countries people are being treated unfairly because of their differences e.g. their skin colour, their gender or their religion.
    Although many countries have improved, there are still some which discriminate certain people because of who they are.
    I believe that everyone should be treated equally, no matter what age, race, gender, disability, heritage or appearance they have.

  2. Thank you Chiara-what a thoughtful reply. Miss Gorick 🙂

  3. No. I believe that men still get more attention than women.
    e.g. men’s football is always on TV but we never see women’s football.

  4. That is an interesting point Jeanne!

  5. No, because in many countries around the world children are still being enslaved, and some poor countries do not give women / girls certain rights.

  6. That is an important point Laetitia!

  7. I agree

  8. The fight for freedom is not yet finished because there are many people who like Malala who still cannot get an education. there are also many animals that are enslaved to entertain us, some are made to carry goods and some are given as presents to rich people and treated very badly. I agree with Chiara because there are some people who are treated worse and don’t get paid as uh because of what they look like, how old they are, their race and gender. So although things have changed we are a long way away from freedom

  9. Thank you Nina for a thoughtful reply. Miss Gorick 🙂

  10. I think that there isn’t freedom all around the world because in some countries very young children are forced to slavery ,women don’t have as many rights as men,and even in some other countries people don’t have the right to express their opinions about politics.

  11. A very good point!

  12. I think that it hasn’t completely been won because there are still people are not treated as they deserve because of there skin colour, religion,and more. Also for example in some countries woman and men can’t always mix.
    I think that everyone should have the same rights because we are all different in many ways.

  13. A very important point!

  14. No. I say so as in many countries people are being treated badly because of things such as their race and skin colour. In the world there are many woman and people who are enslaved and have no freedom whatsoever mainly in Africa.

  15. An important point-thank you Maryana!

  16. jade year6 says:

    No i do not think the fight for equal rights amongst all humans has yet been won for all around the world many people are poor,homeless,aren’t eating…
    There is enough money around the world for humans to share equally but some people just don’t want to share which means others end up on the street.
    Although some people are helping charities the fight is not over.

  17. You have thought carefully about your answer-thank you Jade.

  18. I don’t believe the fight for equality and freedom has been won yet. In the newspapers, I can read daily news of people facing discrimination because of their race, gender or religion.
    Also homeless don’t have equal rights as they’re forced to live in the streets and starving. I can imagine how much they struggle particularly in the current time of lockdown.
    I think it is everyone’s responsibilities to raise awareness for inequalities and freedom to improve the world for all.

  19. Miss Gorick says:

    Thank you Anahi-you have thought carefully about your response and linked it to the current situation today.

  20. No. I do not think the fight for equal rights has been won as like Jeanne said you never see women football on tv ! Also loads of animals are still used to entertain us and as we have been discussing in class animals also have a right to live freely ! Around the world there are still people who have to work and work every day though they get paid very little . I believe that all people around the world have the right to a free life no matter who they are!

  21. Miss Gorick says:

    Thank you Lola! You have thought about many different areas surrounding this question

  22. I agree with Lola Jeanne and Paloma!The fight still hasn’t been finished with!

  23. Yes i agree with Lola the fight for women’s right is not yet committed!

  24. The easy answer to this question is that the fight for freedom, equality and human rights has not been won and never will be because there is good and bad in everyone. It is inevitable that offences towards freedom, equality and human rights will always occur.

    You have to be as good and moral as possible, be as helpful you can to others and try to prevent offences against human rights.

    One of the biggest problems we have in the fight for freedom, equality and human rights is that the people who are the most vocal in fighting for them are often the most prejudicial. Many of their arguments come from miss-guided perceptions. For instance, women’s football is often on the telly but is not shown as often as men’s purely because it is not as popular and commercial, not because of prejudice against women (It’s not a human right to have women’s football on the television).

    This is not equality – to be truly equal we must protect the freedom for men, women, all races, all religions and anyone in fact!

    Finally, I personally believe that I do not need to be a feminist to be a strong woman.

  25. Miss Gorick says:

    Thank you Antonia! What a thorough and well structured answer. I can tell that you are passionate about what you are talking about and it is in times like these when we can spend time reflecting on our world today.

  26. I would actually agree that women have still not yet confirmed and it is not an equal thing to do

  27. I think the fight for human freedom and equality has not been won for in some countries woman and girls have less rights than men, or in other places people are still being enslaved. Also there are many people in the world that are racist and think they are better than any body else. People are also judged by the colour of their skin, their religion, their culture and their beliefs.

  28. gabriel :p says:

    People ,depending on their age, have certain responsibilities that we don’t like to do, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have freedom. To not have freedom is to do something that isn’t good for you, or to be made to not believe what you believe. Such as not being allowed to believe in God.

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