Our new topic is ‘Traditional Tales.’ We have started reading lots of traditional tales and playing with puppets in our puppet theatre. 

Can you tell us about your favourite traditional tale?

We would love to hear about some traditional tales from other countries as well!

10 comments on “Traditional Tales

  1. Miriam Casey says:

    Miriam told me that her favorite traditional tale is “Goldilocks and the Three Bears.” We also talked about traditional tales from America, including “The Little Red Hen” and “Jonny Appleseed.” The Little Red Hen is about a hen who worked very hard to make bread and was rewarded for her hard work. Jonny Appleseed is about a very kind man who planted apple trees across America.

  2. Miss Jones says:

    Great effort Miriam! We enjoyed sharing your ideas in class today. We were very interested to hear about Jonny Appleseed as lots of us hadn’t read this story before!

  3. Apolline :
    My favorite book is “you cant catch me, I am the gingerbread man”.
    I like the part where the fox tricks the gingerbread man.

  4. Weslley’s two favourite traditional tales is Jack and the beanstalk and goldilocks and the 3 bears. My mum said she will read me some Brazilian Folklore tales.

  5. Zeyn says his favourite book is the 3 Little Pigs because he loves the wolf. The wolf is funny.

  6. Jibreel El-Haj says:

    Jibreel likes the 3 little pigs because the wolf blows the house down but he cannot blow the last one down and goes down the chimney and he hurts himself and screams. And the 3 little pigs are happy in the end.

  7. Isabella Romana Hauschildt says:

    Isabella says
    My favourite traditional tale is Goldilocks and the three bears. I like the part when the porridge is too hot, it is funny. I read all the other messages and now I would really like to read Jonny Appleseed too!

  8. Isabelle Velaj says:

    Isabelle’s favourite story is The Three Little Pigs. She says: “I like it when the 3 little pigs build the house and when the big bad wolf blows the house down and I am not scared from the big bad wolf”.

  9. Daryna Malysh says:

    “The Three Little Pigs” is Daryna’s favourite traditional tale. She thinks that the wolf is funny and a bit scary too. She enjoys the part when the wolf huffs and puffs and tries to blow the houses

  10. Jack O’Neill says:

    Jack said “My favourite book is The Three Little Piggies, that’s my is my favourite story.”

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