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The Wednesday Word aims to help all school families draw closer to God, to the Church and to each other by sharing the Gospel together.

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200 comments on “Wednesday Word

  1. 09.09.20 I think it shows that you should always forgive everyone. Even if someone does something bad to you.

  2. Miss Jones says:

    Good reflection Raimundo, it is important we can forgive everyone even when it is difficult.

  3. 09.09.20 What Jesus means by his parable is that no matter how much they
    owe you, you should always be able to forgive someone.

  4. Miss Jones says:

    Well done Vincent, you’re right forgiveness is so important.

  5. Vincent (Y5) says:

    What Jesus means by his parable is that no matter how much they owe you, you should always be able to forgive someone.

  6. 16.09.20 Hello Miss Lee
    I think the gospel was about how in heaven everyone is treated fairly.

  7. Miss Jones says:

    Good reflections Nina, it is important for us to try hard to treat everyone fairly.

  8. 16.09.20 I think that Jesus was trying to tell us that you will always be forgiven even if they were mean to you.

  9. Miss Jones says:

    Well done Ella, it is important for us to forgive others even when it is hard.

  10. 16.09.20 What Jesus was trying to tell Peter was that you must always forgive someone even if they’ve done something unforgettable .

  11. Miss Jones says:

    Good reflections Emilie, that’s right and we must remember the many stories in the bible where Jesus forgives others.

  12. 16.09.20 I think it’s trying to tell that you have to be generous to everyone. No matter what!

  13. Miss Jones says:

    Thoughtful reflections Raimundo. Being generous can really make a difference!

  14. 23.09.20 I think it shows that some people are right when you think they are wrong so sometimes you can believe them and make them happy.

  15. Miss Jones says:

    Good effort Raimundo, it is important not to judge and to listen to what someone has to say.

  16. (*Year 5 *)*****Nina & Ella***** says:

    Hello this is what we thought of the Wednesday Word 23.09.20.

    We think that Jesus is trying to tell you that if you have done something wrong you can always change no matter what. You can always have a change of heart because no matter how many times you have to start again God will always support your decision.

    Nina & Ella

  17. Miss Jones says:

    Thoughtful reflections Nina and Ella. You’re right, we can make mistakes but God will always forgive us and help us when we try to change.

  18. 23.09.20
    I think it is important to tell the truth but most importantly to if you think of doing something wrong, you should change your desigion to a right thing that you think God would appreciate.
    Choices are the furtur of your life. They will make things happen the way you chose to make them happen.

  19. Miss Jones says:

    You have reflected well on the Wednesday Word Stella. I agree with you, we all have choices and it is important to try hard to make the right choices to make God happy.

  20. 16.09.20 It is very important to be generous because it is one of the elements you should have to follow God’s way.Being generous is performed as a daily act for most of the people.
    For example all the teachers are generous with their time. They give their time to us by teaching us. When someone is generous you have to be grateful to that person. I suggest we should listen carefully to all teachers. Our parents are also really generous with us too. And lastly, Jesus, God our Father, the Saints and everybody else living on planet earth because we are all a family we are generous by sharing our love to each one of them standing on earth.

    In the scripture I think that by saying, “Thus the last may be first, and the first may be last.” he means that you should love EVERYBODY no matter what.

  21. Miss Jones says:

    Wow Stella, I can see you have really thought carefully about your reflections on this weeks Word. You have written some thoughtful words and excellent advice for others. Well done for linking your ideas to the scripture too!

  22. 09.09.20
    Forgiveness is really important. Even though sometimes it is hard to forgive each other you should always try to forgive them if they’re truly sorry; for example when Jesus died on the cross he said these very words, “Father, forgive them. They do not know what they have done.” I think this is a very good example to show forgiveness, even though we will never be able to do such a miracle act like Jesus we can always continue tour journey, following Gods footsteps.

    In the scripture the king was very forgiving to the poor servant who could not pay his debt, however the servant couldn’t be trusted as he treated others unfairly. I think the servant should have followed the kings example which would have made God happy. I think Jesus is trying to show to Peter that you should forgive anybody no matter what.

  23. Miss Jones says:

    Another thoughtful reflection Stella, well done. I agree with your words about trying hard to follow in God’s footsteps by forgiving others.

  24. Wednesday Word 23 September 2020
    Many things have changed in the past few months. A positive change is that I have been reading more, and this made me proud. I made some very special puddings for my family, and this makes all of us happy. Good changes in complicated times can be very rewarding.

  25. Miss Jones says:

    Thoughtful words Paolo! It is good to recognise that some changes can be positive. It is lovely to hear you are proud of your reading and you have been kind to your family by making them special puddings.

  26. 23.09.20

    You should never judge people or rely on certain people as the ones you least expect can be the ones who work the hardest.

  27. Miss Jones says:

    Great reflection Albert, it is so important not to judge.

  28. Mayowa (^_^) says:


    I think the Gospel is telling us that we should do as we say because if you told the person you would do it and then didn’t, the person would be disappointed.

  29. Miss Jones says:

    Well done Mayowa, I agree with your reflection. It is important we stick to our word so that we don’t let others down.

  30. 23.09.20

    I think the gospel means that if somebody asks you to do something you should listen to them and try to make them happy because if you wouldn’t the person who asked you to do something would be angry of disappointed.

  31. Miss Jones says:

    Good reflection Julia, it is important we can be there for others and listen to them and show our support.

  32. Mayowa ( •̥́ ˍ •̀) says:

    I think that the Gospel is telling us that we shouldn’t be cruel and we should always be honest.

  33. Miss Jones says:

    Great Mayowa, you have shared some really important advice.

  34. 30.09.20

    Be nice if you want someone to be nice back.

  35. Miss Jones says:

    Well done Holly, kindness is free!

  36. 30.09.20 We must never ignore messengers of God and remember that we can be messengers as well by giving good word of love, peace and goodwill to others.

  37. Miss Jones says:

    A thoughtful reflection of the Word Chloe H, you’re right, we can all be thoughtful messengers and spread goodness all around.

  38. Hello,
    I think we must always be honest and make the right choices.
    I think the farmers should have gave the fruit to those servants. If they did not do the right choice the first time, then this time he could do the choice that God would like us to do.

  39. Miss Jones says:

    Well done Stella, it is important we make the right choices and think carefully about what God would like us to do.

  40. 07.10.2020

    I think the Gospel is telling us to accept what we are given and be nice to the people who are sending you the invite.Tthe people who seized the servants did not accept the invite and were mean to the people giving them the invite.

  41. Miss Jones says:

    Great reflection Holly, it is important we can accept things from others no matter how big or small.

  42. 10.10.20

    I think that Jesus means that we should invite anyone and accept invitations to you.

  43. Miss Jones says:

    Well done Vincent, it is important to be welcoming and inviting to others.

  44. 07.10.20

    I think it is telling us to thank people who do something for you and not ignore what they did.

  45. Miss Jones says:

    Good reflection Samuel, I think it is important to show our thanks too.

  46. I think that it is important to show kindness and invite any. As the king did, he invited poor and rich, kind looking and bad looking.
    Even though you may not invite strangers you can still hold your open heart and invite God so that everyone could in some way be with you.

    You must always, no matter what, invite all your family ( the whole world) to your heart. You can do this by showing love and kindness to everyone you see.

  47. Miss Jones says:

    Great reflections Stella, I agree with what you said about holding your heart open and inviting God in to allow others to be with you – thoughtful words.

  48. Laura year 2 says:

    We should invite Jesus to our lives and follow his way.

  49. Miss Jones says:

    Well done Laura, it is important we can do this.

  50. Mayowa 😇 says:

    I think the gospel is tell us to invite and welcome others even if they are different.

  51. Miss Jones says:

    Good effort Mayowa, we should welcome everyone.

  52. OLIVIA YEAR 6 says:

    We should invite Jesus to our lives and follow his way.
    We should also welcome others even if they are different.

  53. Miss Jones says:

    Well done Olivia, welcoming others is an act of kindness.

  54. I think that Jesus wants us to know that even if we have been mean to someone or done something wrong, we will always be forgiven for what we have done

  55. Miss Jones says:

    Good reflection Ava, I agree with what you said. Jesus will always forgive us.

  56. This week’s Gospel is all about showing gratitude for the things that we have. Coronavirus has been a very worrying time and I am very grateful that all of my family have managed to stay safe and well.

  57. Miss Jones says:

    Well done Regan, you have thought carefully about your reflection. You’re right, it has been a worrying time, it has definitely been a time to be thankful for our health and the things we have.

  58. To show our gratitude we must remember to say thank you to people. It shows that we care and that we are grateful and that we appreciate kind deeds.
    Year 6 showed their gratitude by making a lovely thank you card for my grandma who filmed a little video about her experiences during World War II and I know that she will be really pleased to receive it.

  59. Miss Jones says:

    Thoughtful reflections Erin. That was a lovely way for Year 6 to show their gratitude to your grandma!

  60. Whenever I receive presents for my birthday, my mum always makes me write thank you cards to show my gratitude. My great aunties who are quite old really enjoy receiving these cards as I don’t get to see them very often.

  61. Miss Jones says:

    This is a lovely way to show gratitude Orla, it can make others happy!

  62. Diana Y6 :) says:

    To show our gratitude we must always be kind, say thank you and be respectful. When somebody does us a favour or helps us we must say thank you to show we appreciate it.

  63. Miss Jones says:

    Well done Diana, you’re right it is important to show our appreciation by saying thank you.

  64. 14/10/2020

    I believe that this week’s gospel is advising us to be thankful for what we have as we are fortunate enough, in this pandemic, that London is not as hard as other places in the world and we should all be grateful that we get to go to school, as some other children do not.

  65. Miss Jones says:

    A thoughtful reflection Gabriella, it is important we can appreciate the things we have, especially in this difficult time.

  66. I think that Jesus means that we should show God the kindness he shows us.

  67. Miss Jones says:

    I agree with you Vincent, God shows us lots of kindness.

  68. 14/10/2020

    I believe that this gospel is all about how God plans what happens in the future and he knew that the followers where trying to trick Jesus, I think that God said to Jesus that some of the followers where trying to trick him so he had a a warning in advanced.

  69. Miss Jones says:

    A good reflection Elena, God is always our protector.

  70. In the Wednesday word I think what Jesus says means:

    If we love God he will help guide us and teach us to spread the news to others, and even if they don’t listen you should love them because God is with you on that same path all the time.

  71. Miss Jones says:

    Well done Claudia, you have thought carefully about your reflection on the Word. God will definitely help and guide us on our path.

  72. 07.10.20
    This means that only certain people are the chosen ones. In this gospel it means that only the pure and kind can go to heaven. The violent and mean will refuse this calling and not worship God. If you want to go to heaven you have to have a proper “suit” which in this parable is compassion and love. I found this parable very interesting and didn’t understand it at first.
    Have a good evening! Jeanne

  73. Miss Jones says:

    A great response Jeanne, it is a tricky parable you’re right, but you have thought carefully about your ideas, well done.

  74. SARA😎😁 says:

    In this weeks Gospel, it says that Jesus called people to tell people that the feast was ready and to tell the king. They told the king but the king wasn’t happy so he sent his servants to tell the people on the streets that the wedding was ready but that the people who got an invite were not worthy so everyone came to the wedding.

  75. Miss Jones says:

    Well done Sara, what do you think the message of this gospel shows us?

  76. Mayowa ( •̥́ ˍ •̀ू ) says:

    I think the Gospel is telling us to not trick others and not take whats not yours.

  77. Miss Jones says:

    A good reflection Mayowa, well done.

  78. I think it is important to show gratitude so that others feel happy . In my past life I have shown gratitude by saying thank you. This shows love towards others and others know you as a polite person.

  79. Hi Stella. I agree with you; gratitude is really important. When we are grateful, it doesn’t mean that life is perfect; it doesn’t ignore the burdens and hassles of life but rather it encourages us to identify some amount of goodness in our life. For there is always goodness in the life God has gifted us 🙂

  80. We can show our gratitude to God by showing love and kindness to others and by praying to God.

  81. This is very true, Laura. True gratitude involves a humble dependence on others: We acknowledge that other people have many gifts to offer us, big or small and we should be king to them as well as offer God praise for creating us all.

  82. SARA😎😁 says:

    I think this message shows us that even if you get like a special invite to like a friends party doesn’t mean you deserve it, and that you are worthy of the invite.

    In this weeks gospel there was a landowner who owned a vineyard and when the fruit-season came he told his servants to go and get the fruits but the farmers seized them then the son came and said
    to respect his son. I am not sure what this means.

  83. Hi Sara, we are always worthy and deserving of an invitation. However, the most important invitation is the one
    that is offered to us in the Gospel.
    It means that those in God’s vineyard (those who follow God) will bear fruit in plenty (will be rewarded).

  84. Regan, Erin and Orla says:

    Hi everyone,
    This week’s Wednesday Word means that God loves us and sent Jesus to help us grow in wisdom. We should follow God’s footsteps as He will lead us in the right direction and will teach us to love and care for one and another.

  85. Thank you to the Allford sisters for reminding us of this fantastic message. We can definitely learn a lot about how to love others by remembering how He loves us.

  86. I think the message behind this parable is that you should be prepared for anything that could happen.

  87. That’s right and we can be prepared by doing as much good as we can while on Earth.

  88. Laura 🙂 says:

    I think the gospel is telling us that we should be very wise with doing as your parents say and being kind to your friends and family.

  89. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. The Gospel tells us to ‘stay awake, because you do not know either the day or the hour’ which means we can prepare for our meeting with God by being kind to ALL humans, not just those we know.

  90. I think that the gospel is telling us that we have to be wise and ready about the bad or good things which may come.

  91. The Gospel tells us to be prepared for the gates of Heaven by shining our light while on Earth. Do you know how we can shine our light?

  92. Mayowa(^-^) says:

    I think the Gospel is telling us that we should be ready for any-thing that comes our way . I also think it is telling us to be wise and listen to God.

  93. Yes, Mayowa. We should always follow God’s way and act in a way that would make us proud when we finally do meet with God in Heaven.

  94. I think that the Gospel teaches us to share our talents with other people and not to hide it.

  95. I agree, Julia. It would be a real shame if we hid our God-given talents from the world.

  96. 11.11.20 I think the gospel is telling us to give back what we have received from others.

  97. Yes, Orla. Giving back is really important and sometimes we need to do this even if we receive nothing from others!

  98. 11.11.20
    I think the gospel is saying to respect that other people have different talents than you

  99. The Gospel can definitely be interpreted in this way! It is so special to see so many different individuals with different talents and they should definitely be respected and admired.

  100. I think the gospel is telling us to not hide but use and share our talents with others.

  101. Thank you, Laura. I agree – we should let our light shine by showing the world our wonderful God-given talents and not be afraid to do so!

  102. Chloe H 😎 says:

    I think the gospel is telling us to respect other people’s talents so they can respect your talent.

  103. It is important to respect other people’s talents even if they may not respect ours. This is very challenging!

  104. I think the gospel is telling us that you should not hide your talent because God gave us different talents to use them and we should be thankful.

  105. Yes, these wonderful talents make the world a more joyful and encouraging place!

  106. Wednesday Word – 11/11/2020
    I think the gospel is telling us that we should use our talents and not hide them.

  107. Yes, hiding our talents would be a real shame especially as they can bring so much joy to other people’s lives!

  108. Elisa 🎉✨🤩💖 says:

    I did the Wednesday Word for today.
    Hope you enjoyed it!

  109. Thank you Elisa. How have you shared your talents this week?

  110. The gospel has taught me that if I Am kind to someone that means that I have been kind to Jesus. We should always be kind to each other also we should help the people that are poor.

  111. Julia, I agree with your reflection of the Gospel. I always remember that the way we treat others is indirectly the way we treat Jesus because we are made in His image.

  112. Chloe H 😎 says:

    I think that the gospel has taught us that we should be respectful and nice to Jesus and each other. We should always help people and guide them even is they are poor. We should be compassionate.

  113. The world would be an even more wonderful place, Chloe, if we all strived for this 🙂

  114. I think Jesus meant that we should be kind to everyone

  115. Yes, learning to live with kindness and to be kind to others is a quality we should all be striving to develop every day.

  116. 18.11.20
    I think what the gospel is saying is for us to show kindness to each other and god as well as ourselves.

  117. Yes, that’s right Holly. Through showing kindness to each other, we are being kind to God for He made us all in His image.

  118. I think the gospel is telling us to be open to others, to share with the poor and let us learn to live with kindness.

  119. That’s right, Laura. It is wonderful we can rely on the Gospel to remind us of our real purpose in this world.

  120. Mayowa (^▽^) says:

    I think the gospel is telling us that we shouldn’t leave others out, but take care of them. I also think that it is telling us is that what ever we do for others we do for God.

  121. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, Mayowa. All that Jesus asks from us is that ‘we should look after our neighbours in need’. How will you aim to do that this week?

  122. Hi everyone. This is just a reminder that Gospel and God always have a capital ‘G’. Thank you for your comments!

  123. The Gospel tells us to stay awake and welcome Jesus when he comes.

  124. That’s right, Julia. Can you give us an example of how we can ‘stay awake’?

  125. We should respect God as we respect each other

  126. We should show respect for other people and through this we are respecting God, yes!

  127. Chloe H 😎 says:

    I think the gospel is telling us to welcome Jesus and to be ready for him to show respect, care and lots of love.

  128. Hi Chloe. Yes, the Gospel is saying this indeed. How can we show respect, care and love for others?

  129. I think it means that we should stay alert for Christ’s coming.

  130. That’s right. In which ways can we do this?

  131. I think it means to always stay alert in case Christ is coming.

  132. Hi Laura. It is super important to stay alert for His Coming. I try to ‘stay awake’ by being extremely grateful during this time and supporting others who are less fortunate than me in any way I can. How about you?

  133. Mayowa ( •̥́ ˍ •̀) says:

    I think it means that you don’t know when God decides when your time will end and go to heaven.🧖‍♂️👼

  134. No, we do not know this so we must make the most of our time on Earth by living how He would want us to and treating others how He taught us to!

  135. 25.11.20
    Jesus wants us to stay awake because he wants us to not miss anything in Advent.

  136. This is a good point. There are a lot of distractions during Advent (gifts, Christmas lights, Santa etc) so how can we make sure we do not ‘miss’ anything?

  137. I think this means that God baptizes us with the Holy Spirit to wash away our sins. This means that we can have a fresh start to everything and have more hope.

  138. I am so grateful He gives us the opportunity for a fresh start in this special way!

  139. Laura 🙂 says:

    I think it means to hope for the arrival of Jesus.

  140. Yes you are right. Hope is so important in our lives. What do you hope for this Christmas?

  141. I think that John means that Jesus would fill them with the Holy Spirit.

  142. That’s right. Can you think of what that feeling might inspire them to do?

  143. Chloe H 💖 says:

    I think the gospel is telling us that we should have lots of hope during this Advent in the celebration in the birth of Jesus, which brings us good news that we are loved cared and respected.

  144. Yes, we sometimes forget we are loved unconditionally by God and this time of year is always a good reminder 🙂

  145. The Gospel is telling us to have hope for that the Messiah is yet to come to bring peace to the world. And to be aware that he might come when you least expect him.

  146. Thank you Ella. What can we do to prepare for this Second Coming?

  147. The gospel it telling us that the Messiah is going to come down and for us to never lose hope in God. We need to prepare for the Messiah to come down to earth. It might come when we least expect it.

  148. That’s right! Do you think He would be happy with the world as it is? What kind of things might He really be pleased with?

  149. Mayowa ( •̥́ ˍ •̀) (: ☆ :) says:

    The gospel is telling us that Jesus will fill us with the holy spirit.

  150. Thanks Mayowa. Always remember ‘Gospel’ and ‘Holy Spirit’ have capital letters. What can we do with the Holy Spirit inside of us?

  151. Regan and Erin says:

    02.12.20 Advent is a spiritual season of hope. It is about giving but not always receiving. During this time we should prepare for the coming of God.

  152. I definitely agree with you! It can sometimes be challenging to give even when we know we may not receive the same gifts back (i.e.: the gift of joy, peace, forgiveness etc). How can we prepare for this girls?

  153. Orla 9/11/20 says:

    This week’s Wednesday word is telling us that even though we are not prophets we can still spread the good news and be a example to others.

  154. Absolutely! Can you think of a way we can spread the Good News?

  155. This week Wednesday Word tells us that we should always spread joy to other people.

  156. That’s right. It is even more important this Christmas! How can we do this?

  157. I think the gospel is saying for us to show joy because Jesus would want us to have joy

  158. He would definitely want us to be joyful. Sometimes it can be challenging to be joyful when things make us sad but Jesus taught us to always praise God and be thankful, no matter what!

  159. Mayowa (ง •_•) says:

    I think the Gospel is telling us that John the Baptist was Baptist and prepared the path for Jesus.

  160. Yes he did. How do you think the people felt waiting for His Coming?

  161. 13.12.2020
    The gospel is about Angel Gabriel telling Mary she is going to have a baby boy called Jesus who is the son of God and going to be the King of all Kings. I have learned that we should not be scared and trust in God ‘s plan.

  162. That’s right. We should never fear what God has planned for us 🙂

  163. I think it means that we should be happy that we have Jesus to make us feel joyful 😀.

  164. Yes, you are right! We can always think of Jesus and be joyful to know he is in our hearts 🙂

  165. Julia Rocha says:

    Baptism is very important, when we are baptized we give ourselves to God and see the holy spirit.

  166. That’s right Julia. We enter into the family of God when we are baptised 🙂

  167. That Jesus was with good and evil in the desert but he chose good, and said that the day of the proclamation had come.

  168. That’s right Julia. It can sometimes be difficult to make good choices but we know we must always try our best just like Jesus taught us.

  169. This passage shows us that we are supposed to give our time to someone in need. It also shows us that Jesus is the light in our darkness.

  170. This gospel reminds us to be good, helpful and generous. Jesus is our best example to follow. He is in our hearts so we should not be afraid and hesitate to be there for another.

  171. 14.3.21. The gospel is about self giving and you can do that by just doing kind actions and I think that Jesus is a great example because he does all these things just for us and he puts others before himself.

  172. Orla 😝 says:

    I think that the Gospel is trying to tell us that when Jesus dies we will still be with him and God will watch over us still.

  173. Jesus is teaching us to put others before ourself and to do that by making kind and caring actions.

  174. 17.03.2021

    I think the Gospel means making a commitment to Jesus and God and by that, we need to make sacrifices to ourselves for others.

  175. Chloe H 😎 says:

    In my opinion the gospel tells us that the most important thing for us to do is to follow Jesus and live our lives as he teaches us.

  176. 17.3.21
    I think they are talking about heaven because the most important life is up there.

  177. Graceanne says:

    It is not all about receiving,
    if you give to someone it is all about helping others,
    because God is giving his love to you.

  178. Nika (Y6) says:

    When Jesus and his disciples were on their way to Jerusalem, they came to the Mount of Olives. Jesus sent two of his disciples into the nearby village to collect a donkey.
    He said to them, “If anyone stops you, tell them that it is for the Lord, and that the donkey will be returned.” So the disciples set off and found the donkey. When they untied it from its post, some people said to them,
    “What are you doing?” The disciples answered just as Jesus had
    told them, and the people let the disciples take the donkey to Jesus. Then Jesus rode into Jerusalem. People were spreading their cloaks and palm branches on the road in front of him. They praised God, shouting: “Hosanna! Blessings on him who comes in the name of the Lord! Hosanna in the highest heavens!”

    To me, this means that if you do God’s will, you won’t be happy and joyful. ‘Hosanna’ means ‘to express adoration, praise, or joy’.

    Nika (Y6)

  179. Chloe H 👧🏻 says:

    When Jesus and his disciples were on the way to Jerusalem, they went to the Mount of Olives. On that day Jesus had send two of his trustworthy disciples into the nearest village they could find to collect a donkey. Jesus said to them ”If anyone stops you, tell them that it is for the Lord, and that the donkey will be returned.” So the disciples set of to find a donkey. Once the disciples found the donkey the person looking after the donkey said ”What are u doing ?” The disciples repeated exactly as Jesus told them to. After they explained the person let the disciples to take the donkey to Jesus. Then all of the sudden Jesus was in the Village. Everyone saw them and started putting palms and cloaks on the road for him. They were praising God and saying ”Hosanna. Blessings on him who comes in the name of the Lord! Hosanna to the highest heavens!”

  180. I think the 24.3.21 is about Palm Sunday because it said that the people the palms and also it said that Jesus’ disciples rode on the donkey to Jerusalem.

  181. This reading about them selling in the temple means you should respect the church.It is also a place to be quiet and pray to Jesus in the Tabernacle

  182. Always trust Jesus as he will never let you down. Put your love and faith into him trustfully and never doubt him.

  183. Gabriella says:


    Jesus said, ‘I am the good shepherd. I know each of the sheep and they know me.’ Always have faith in Jesus because Jesus looks after us and no matter what, he is always next to us and looks after us.

  184. Gabriella says:

    Anyone who loves their life in this world will keep it for the eternal life. If anyone serves Jesus God will honour them.

  185. Gabriella says:

    Everyone should be treated the same. God treated and made everyone the same.

  186. Chloe H 💖 says:

    I think the Gospel is trying to tell us always to trust Jesus as he will always trust us. We should always put our love and faith on Jesus and always believe in him. The Gospel is also trying to tell us to trust one another.

  187. Graceanne🌺 says:

    I think this gospel tells us that we should always be good and trust everyone even if the person does bad to you.

  188. Gabriella says:

    I think the Gospel is trying to tell us to trust everyone and one and another. The Gospel is also trying to tell us put all of our faith and trust in Jesus.

    Matthew 5:44 “Love you enemies as your self. Love your neighbour too.”
    1 Corinthians 16:14, “Do everything in love.”
    1 Corinthians 16:14, “Let all that you do be done in love. Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins.”
    1 Peter 4:8, “Above all, keep loving one another earnestly, since love covers a multitude of sins.”
    1 John 4:18, : “There is no fear in love, but perfect love drives out fear, because fear involves punishment, and the one who fears is not perfected in love.

  189. You should respect the Church, for it is a sacred place and needs to be worshipped in.

  190. Sebastiao says:

    Jesus is the Good Shepherd, and guides us like God the Father through our path in life. He takes care of us as a Good Shepherd would take care of his sheep. 21.04.21

  191. Chloe H 💖 says:

    I think the Gospel is trying to tell us to grow into a loving family, to be a supportive friend and try to be patient just like God is patient with us.

  192. Gabriella says:

    Jesus said make your home in me as you make mine, I am the vine and we are the branches. Whoever remains in me with me in him, bears fruit in plenty. We are pruned already and he said if you remain in me you will produce much fruit to the glory of God.

  193. Sebastiao says:

    This passage is all about unity and fruitfulness and how we are all connected to God like branches are to their trees. We all need to work together to achieve things in life.

  194. Miss Coleman says:

    Thank you Sebastiao. I agree that it is really important to work together and I think our school family does this really well.

  195. Mayowa ( •̥́ ˍ •̀) (: ☆ :) says:

    Jesus said that he is the vine and we are the branches. I think this means that we are his followers. when he says every branch that dose have fruit shall have some more. I think this means that every branch was Picked by God.

  196. Graceanne says:

    We should love our friend and family, even strangers. God made us equal and no one is more special than us. Respect others, always trust and God is always there.

    God puts dreams in our hearts and writes a destiny over our lives. And if we trust Him enough to take Him at His word, we will find … Unfortunately, the path that takes us to the promise is always wrought with thickets and thorns. … Sermons are spoken about what people want to hear and not need to hear.

    If we trust Him enough to take Him at His word, we will find ourselves on a … Learn what God has to say about who you are with this free devotional.“I can do ALL things THROUGH Christ, who strengthens me” I left and I found people who did encourage me and love the way that God intended to do.

  197. Miss Coleman says:

    Thank you for sharing your ideas. It is great that you are doing more research but remember to try and write in your won words as you have wonderful ideas and you too are special.

  198. Gabriella says:

    Jesus said love one another as I have loved you and what he commands us is to love one another. I think this because Jesus wants everyone to love one another because we are all made in Gods hands.

  199. Miss Coleman says:

    Thank you Gabriella, it is so important to love one another.

  200. Chloe H 😎 says:

    Thursday 6th April 2021

    Jesus told us to love each other and do the commands he tells us to do. I think the Gospel is telling us this because Jesus wants us to love one another and show lots of care and resilience.

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