Week 6 Creative Curriculum Homework-D.T.

Well done Year 4 for all the amazing Mosaics you have created last week!

Next week for our topic, we will be finding ways to build an environmentally friendly design for the Colosseum.

For your homework this week:

Think of 2-3 improvements you could add to the Colosseum to make the space more sustainable and think of how you could pitch your idea to the mayor of Rome.

Personally, I would like to see some solar panels added to the roof because Rome can get very hot! The power generated could then be used to light up the Colosseum at night. This would save the city energy and make the surroundings more attractive.

I am sure you will come up with some fantastic ideas! I look forward to reading them soon.

Don’t forget to complete your CGP Comprehension work, your English and Maths homework and remember to keep posting on the Wednesday Word and your reading reviews blog!

Have a great week,

Mr. Kersys.

6 comments on “Week 6 Creative Curriculum Homework-D.T.

  1. Dear Mr. Kersys

    I actually have been to the Colosseum with my grandparents and parents. I would say that the Colosseum is quit rusty and dusty and so I do think that it needs a pick me up in the way it is made. I would think that they could put some colourful lights surrounding the Colosseum to have a pop of colour and maybe a roof to hide the heat. Mostly that’s all I think is good because the Colosseum is pretty good and the design is brilliant.

  2. Improvements for the colloseum(Circus Maximus):

    1.add an automatic roof that opens when it’s sunny and closes when it is bad weather.
    2. Make the whole thing out of glass so that poor people that can’t afford to buy tickets can watch.
    3. Put colourful lights inside so that when the roof is closed people can see.

  3. To improve the colosseum I would find a way to store the water from when it rains As there is no roof.
    I would organise big buckets inside the building .
    The water could be given to the spectators or the actors and it would prevent from using plastic bottles .

  4. 1. seatings can be made from recycled plastic bottles.
    2. rubber roof that’s made from recycled products.
    3. to make a decking, use recycled paper and packages from food.

  5. Hi Mr Kersys
    I uploaded my work last week but it hasn’t shown up on the blog yet.

  6. Sorry Orla, I have not received anything yet. Mr. Kersys.

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