Week 3 Creative Curriculum Homework – Science

Hello Class 5!

In Science you have been learning all about materials.
In class last week you explored some different materials and used some scientific vocabulary to describe them:

Hard: resistant to scratching or pressure.

Tough: resists cracking: opposite to brittle.

Strong: resistant to tearing.

Rigid: hard and fixed; not flexible.

Elastic: returns to original shape when force removed.

Plastic: retains new shape when force removed.

Flexible: easily bends; opposite of rigid and stiff.

Electrical conductor: material that allow electricity to flow through it.

Thermal conductor: material that allows heat to pass through it.

If you were designing a new pair of trainers, which materials would you use for the different parts and why?
I you would like to draw your design and label the different parts and materials then you can send it in through the homework uploader!

Think about the purpose of a trainer and ensure you clearly explain the reasons for each of your choices of materials!

Good luck!


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7 comments on “Week 3 Creative Curriculum Homework – Science

  1. I would make my trainers hard so they can be able to go travelling and in rough conditions.Flexible because it can make it more comfy.Strong so it can’t break easily.And breathable fabric so it can make your feet more cooler.

  2. Great ideas Albert! Can you think of some materials which fit your criteria?

  3. I would make my trainers waterproof so that your feet don’t get wet, flexible so that you can move in them, cushioned so that they are comfy and breathable so that your feet don’t sweat.

  4. Great ideas Vincent! Which materials would you use to ensure your trainers are all of these things?

  5. I will send you a picture

  6. Nina and Ella says:

    I think would make them water
    proof and strong but still comfy.
    I would also make them breathable
    sothat your feet can breathe.

  7. I would make mine a thermal conductor so that it warms up your feet. I would make it hard so you could use it for hiking , climbing and any other sport.

    I think the materials suitable for these trainers are, Nylon (thermal conducting) and rubber (for grip ) .

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