Week 4 Homework – DT

Hello Year 1!

This week you are going to do some DT (Design and Technology)! 

In the Victorian times (a long time ago) children used to play with cup and ball toys.

I wonder if you could make your own? It doesn’t have to be wooden – it could be made from a party hat or a plastic cup with some string and a ball attached!

Send a picture through to me via the Homework uploader or print a picture and stick it in your homework book!

I look forward to seeing your creations! 🙂 

12 comments on “Week 4 Homework – DT

  1. Hello!
    I really had fun doing this old toy. It was a bit challenging putting all the different pieces together!
    I am sending you a photo of it

  2. Miss Travers says:

    Some of it is a bit tricky! I hope you had fun making it!

  3. This was good fun. I used an elastic band instead of string – this made it a bit tricky to get the ball in the cup.

  4. Miss Travers says:

    Glad you had fun Mikey!

  5. Hi Miss,
    Me and my mum we had fun to do this together. I think it has the shape as ice cream.

  6. Miss Travers says:

    Hi Ruby-Mae, I’m glad you enjoyed making it with mum. Thank you for your photo!

  7. Hello, I made 2 cups and balls.
    I made one with a ping pong ball and the other with a tangerine.
    It was easier to get the tangerine ball in the cup because it was heavier than the ping pong ball!
    I have sent a photo!

    Typed by Marcus (with spelling help!)

  8. Miss Travers says:

    Well done Marcus! I like that you used a tangerine! Very imaginative!

  9. I took a plastic cup, an elastic band, Sellotape and a ping pong ball.
    I cut the elastic band to make a string and I attached it to the cup and the ball with Sellotape!
    My mum has sent the photo!

  10. Miss Travers says:

    That sounds great Nicolas! Thank you for the photo, I will upload it to the website!

  11. Hi Miss Travers, I and my dad had fun with this project. The best part was decorating it and playing with it.

  12. Miss Travers says:

    Well done Juliana! It sounds lots of fun!

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