Week 5 Homework -PE

Do you like to dance?

Make up your own dance at home!  You can choose music to dance to if you want!

Think about how you can join all the different moves together.

You can send me a photo via the homework uploader. 

Have fun! 

24 comments on “Week 5 Homework -PE

  1. Hi Miss Travers and Ms Robertson

    I enjoyed inventing my own dance. I researched a few moves and liked pretending I was picking up and putting down a phone. I will send a photo.

    Love Mikey

  2. Miss Travers says:

    That sounds great Mikey! Thank you for your picture!

  3. We had a great time dancing to a lot of different songs! Coming up with different dance moves! Will send you a picture.

  4. Miss Travers says:

    I’m glad you had fun Philippa!

  5. Hello Miss,

    I had fun trying new dance moves! Will upload my picture.

  6. Miss Travers says:

    Glad you had fun Sophia!

  7. Hi Miss, I love dance because you can do moves your feet can go everywhere and your arm too. I send you a video of my dance at my sister birthday yesterday. I had lots of fun!

  8. Miss Travers says:

    Thank you for your picture, Ruby-Mae! I’m glad you had fun dancing!

  9. To Miss Travers and Ms Roberston
    I love to dance. I had fun doing my homework. I used different shapes/movements to do my dance: Stars, Christmas trees, jumps and spins.
    I did not want music. I just made it up
    My mummy has sent you some photos.

  10. Miss Travers says:

    That sounds great Amber! Thank you for the photos!

  11. Hello Miss Travers and Miss Robertson!

    I really enjoyed this dancing activity and I really, really, really had fun! The music I danced to was the theme song from Fame! It’s a very good tune to dance to. I made up all my own dance moves! My mum took some photos, we are sending 3 to you! Some of them were not very good as my mum was dancing too while she was taking the photos!

  12. Miss Travers says:

    Thank you for the photos, Marcus! It sounds like you had lots of fun dancing!

  13. Maya has done several ballet lessons and so our dance was ballet inspired!

    She started in first position and moved on to do lots of twirling and frog jumps. To The Beatles ‘here comes the Sun.’

    It was fun!

  14. Miss Travers says:

    That sounds great, Maya!

  15. Hi Miss Travers and Ms Robertson

    I love dancing at ballet and at home. I have sent you a picture of my move!

  16. Miss Travers says:

    Brilliant work, Juliana!

  17. Dear Miss Travers ,
    I made up a dance with my sister Sophia . We danced to our favourite song Dance Monkey ?.
    From Rocco

  18. Miss Travers says:

    That sounds great, Rocco! Thank you for the photo!

  19. Theo like to dance with her sister! his favourite song is The Duck Song, we will send photo soon.

  20. Miss Travers says:

    Hope you had fun Theo! Thank you for the picture!

  21. “We had a Friday night disco with my Mummy’s music (Eurythmics). We dance around the table holding hands and Philip goes the other way and goes under our arms. I love doing that.”

  22. Miss Travers says:

    That sounds so fun, Florence!

  23. I made my own dance. I danced to “Into the Unknown” from Frozen 2, I dressed up as Elsa for my dance. I really like dancing as Elsa and I love dancing to other kinds of music too. I really love Elsa’s song because it reminds me of my friends, and I like my friends.

  24. Miss Travers says:

    That sounds great, Harlow! Thank you for your picture! It looks like you had fun!

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