Our exciting new topic for the Spring Term is Planet Earth.

Answer the question below…

What do you know about Planet Earth?

Find out and share a fact about Planet Earth, you can find out more HERE if you need some help!

6 comments on “What do you know about Planet Earth?

  1. Planet earth ,is our home.We need to keep it safe so that we can all keep us well.
    The earth turns around the sun.
    There is more oceans than land.
    There are about 7billions people on earth.

  2. Planet earth is made up of oceans, islands,mountains. forests and deserts. It is full of different kinds of animals, huge whales to tiny insects. We live in about 200 different countries and speak in 7000 languages. The earth has 7.5 billion people. The earth is a big round sphere. Some of us live in big crowded cities. In other parts of the world you can walk throughout days without meeting anyone else. Earth can only be home to humans, plants, animals and buildings. People live in almost every part of the world. They farm the land and build roads, towns and cities. They divide the world up into countries. Each country has its own flag, goverment, capital city and name. As of 2017 7.5 people live on earth and about four babies were born every second.

  3. Planet Earth is huge sphere.
    Did you know that there are about 193 countries on Planet Earth?

  4. Earth 🌍 is the sister of Venus. Earth’s 🌎 atmosphere consists mainly of nitrogen, oxygen, and argon, with small amounts of other gases, including carbon dioxide. Saltwater oceans cover almost three-quarters of Earth’s 🌏surface and vary in depth up to 11, 000m (36, 000ft)

  5. The planet Earth is the sister of Venus.

  6. Every couple of years, there are things called a total solar eclipse. During these spine-tingling events, the daylight slowly begins to fade to twilight. The air cools, and animals often behave as if they’re preparing for the evening. It obviously happens on EARTH!!!!

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