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Hello, Reception.
Happy World Book Day!
On this blog, we would love to hear about all of your favourite books.  Please tell us the title and author of the book in case other children would like to read the book too.
Can you tell us what you like about the story?
Can you tell us about the characters?
I can’t wait to hear all about your favourite books and authors.
Love from Miss Walsh. 

6 comments on “World Book Day Reading Blog

  1. Nicolas has lots of favourites, but he currently enjoys the following stories the most:-

    – Winnie the Witch series (Valerie Thomas/Korey Paul): Winnie the witch goes on lots of adventures with her cat Wilbur. Funny stories and detailed drawings. Nicolas finds them hilarious.

    – Percy, the park keeper series from Nick Butterworth: Percy looks after a huge park and has lots of adventures with the animals there (The Treasure Hunt, One Snowy Night, Percy’s Bumpy Ride…)

    – Little Red train series (Benedict Blathwayt): Duffy is the proud driver of the Little Red Train. One day he is told to drive a different route and not to stop at the green light. As a result he visits lots of different countries without even realising it! Another time he has to get to the fair in time or races with another train (Green Light, Race to the Finish, Busy Day…)

    – Happy Families series from Allan Ahlberg: There are lots of books but our all time favourites are Mr. Creep the Crook (story about a burglar and his perfect plan to become rich), Mr. Tick the Teacher (a story about a teacher and his family and how they prevent their small school from being closed) and Burglar Bill.

    – The Bear and the Piano series (David Litchfield): A bear finds a piano in the woods and becomes a famous pianist in the big city.

    – The Little Hedgehog series (M Christina Butler): Lovely stories (e.g. helping Father Christmas to deliver presents) and drawings.

  2. I like Mog and the V.E.T. and Mog’s Bad Thing beacsue Mog is a bit silly but I still love her. She poos on chairs, she flies through the air, she runs away from foxes and she hisses at Mr Thomas.
    These books are by Judith Kerr and she drew the pictures too.

    I love all of Julia Donaldson’s books!

    I like Tiddler because he tells lots of tales and he has big adventures.

    I like Snail and the Whale – I love all the pictures especially the one with the sunset.

    Dinosaurs in the Supermarket and also Dinosaurs in my School because there are lots of naughty dinosaurs doing lots of things they should not be doing. These books are very funny! :))

  3. My favourite books are MR. MEN COLLECTION by Roger Hargreaves. You can find there different stories which makes me laugh.

    Kitchen Disco by Claire Foges and Al Murphy. Its one of the funniest books I have ever read. The book is about the kitchen party in the middle of the night when all children are sleeping in their beds.

    The Selfish Crocodile by Faustin Charles and Michael Terry is a story about animals who are afraid and don’t know what to do. Terrifying crocodile doesn’t want any other creature to drink or bath in the river.

    How to Catch a Dragon by Carl Hart and Ed Eaves. I like this story because is all about knits and the dragons.
    Boy called Albie visit the library and makes new friends , meet trolls and bears and need to fight with dragons.

  4. My favourite books at the movement are The Dinosaur That Pooped…by Tom Fletcher & Dougie Poynter. They make me laugh a lot!

  5. I like all the Julia Donaldson books and I like to read them again and again and again. My favourite now is “Superworm” because it is a fun adventure where superworm has to save lots of bugs.

  6. I enjoyed all the stories read I school. They are all really good and really different. He loved Juliet D Sharing a shell book.
    Over the last weeks I read a lot of the little Critter series. I like the character because is funny and a bit naughty. He has a very funny little dog named frou-frou that makes me laugh a lot.

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