Year 1’s Reading blog

Good morning Year 1!

This blog is to share all of the books you are reading at home! This is the time to read lots and lots!

What is it called? Who is the author?

Can you retell what happens in the story? Think about the beginning, the middle and the end!

Who are your favourite characters? What is the setting?

Remember to read some fiction and non-fiction books too!

I am excited to read all your comments!

From Miss Travers


84 comments on “Year 1’s Reading blog

  1. I loved The Dragonsitter because it’s very funny.

  2. Miss Travers says:

    Keep up the reading, Laura! I am excited to see all the other books that you have been reading! Miss Travers

  3. My favourite book is Belle and Boo and the Goodnight kiss.I like it because it’s is a lovely and happy story.

  4. Miss Travers says:

    I’m glad you are enjoying the book Sebastian! Make sure you keep reading and use your phonics to sound out your words!

  5. My favourite book is Don’t Cook Cinderella by Francesca Simon. It was very funny and it had all of the other fairy tales in the story.

  6. Miss Travers says:

    It sounds great, Isabella! I am glad you are enjoying the book. Make sure you keep reading and tell me on this blog!

  7. My favourite book is Football Handbook -The History of Football. It has Premier League, Champions League, Europe League, and the last one is World Cup. I know lots of players and they are Neymar Junior, Ronaldinho, Ronaldo, Pelé, Harry Kane and lots more.

  8. Miss Travers says:

    I’m glad you are enjoying your book, Mateus! Who is your favourite player?

  9. Hello Miss Travers! My favourite player is Ronaldinho!

  10. My favourite book is whatever next, the author is Jill Murphy. The story is lovely, I like Baby bear.

  11. Miss Travers says:

    I love that book too, Flavia! I like the part when he flew to the moon and had a picnic with the owl. What part do you like best?

  12. My favourite book is ‘My Secet Alien’. I like Zak the green alien who is magic because he is a ‘techno wizard’ from the planet Zog. He eats chocolate whic he keeps in his space rocket. His friend is Charlie who lives with his Mum and friends.

    Zak eats too much Earth food and gets sick so goes home. But he returns to see Charlie.

  13. Miss Travers says:

    That sounds a great book, Jacob. I will have to read it! I read the story, ‘Paddington the Artist’. It’s funny but Paddington makes a big mess with the paint! What other books do you like reading?

  14. Jacob sharp says:

    I like ‘Wind in the Willows’ I am reading this with my Daddy at bedtime . It is a chapter book and it has lots of different animals on the boat, like the Rat , Mole and the Otter and some birds. They sailed across the deep calm water to get to Mister Badger’s house.

    I like ‘Peter Rabbit’ because he gets stuck in a net with radishes that he likes. He escapes Farmer McGregor , who eats animals. I like radishes with my salad and hot dogs.

    I like ‘Zippel the little keyhole ghost’ Because he lives in Key holes
    And he is cheeky chap.

  15. Miss Travers says:

    I love Wind in the Willows. I remember reading that when I was a child too! I also love Peter Rabbit!

  16. I also read Rosie Revere Engineer. It was all about engineering and Rosie always made new things out of rubbish which is good because you shouldn’t throw things away if you can use them.

  17. I liked ice maker ice breaker because I like ice and you get to do an experiment!

  18. Miss Travers says:

    That sounds a good book, Isabella. What experiments have you done?

  19. Miss Travers says:

    At the end of the day we always have a story time. Here is a video of a book being read to you! It is called ‘The Smartest Giant in Town.’

  20. My favourite book is Don’t Call Me Sweet by Smriti Prasadam-Halls and Angie Rozelaar.

    I like this book because it is very sweet.

  21. My favourite book is Don’t call me sweet! by Smriti Prasadam-halls and Angie Rozelaar, I like this book because it is very sweet!

  22. Miss Travers says:

    That sounds a good book, Louise!

  23. Miss Travers says:

    Good morning everyone!
    I hope you are all still reading!
    The author David Walliams is reading a story every day at 11am on his website!
    Have a listen here if you like!
    Keep reading! I love to see all the books you are reading at home!
    Miss Travers

  24. Rudolph Jacob says:

    Red PLANET IS THE TITLE of book i read. Wilf and Chip played on a rocket and pretended to be spacemen. The magic key glowed it took them into a new adventure. They went to space and found some aliens, they were inside a big cave on the red planet. Everyone was stuck in the cave. They were going to get a spacesuit and fill it with air so they could float out back to the rocket.

    Then they went home. Floppy didn’t like the magical adventure .because he was too scared.

  25. Miss Travers says:

    That sounds an excellent book, Jacob! You have retold the story so well! What book are you going to read next?

  26. Rudolph Jacob says:

    Red Planet is the title of the book I have read.

    Will and Chip made a rocket ship out of bits and pieces. Nadim came with his computer he wanted to play in the rocket.

    The magic key glowed and took them to a real rocket ship. They ran inside.

    They found aliens in a cave on a red planet. Everyone was stuck in the cave. The children filled a spacesuit with lots of air so they could float back to the rocket. Floppy was scared but they all got home safely.

  27. Miss Travers says:

    I’m glad Floppy got home safely!

  28. Today I read the Egyptian Adventure and I saw that pharaoh thought that Floppy was important.

  29. Miss Travers says:

    Did you enjoy the story, Mateus? What are you going to read next?

  30. Good morning Miss Travers, my favourite book today is The Wonky Donkey by Craig Smith for all the very funny words and illustrations. Have a good day

  31. Miss Travers says:

    Hello Lucia! That is a good book! I hope you enjoyed it! What are you going to read next?

  32. Mrs Knowler says:

    Hello Year 1. Do you remember that you loved me reading “No, I don’t want to do that!”? It was one of your favourites.
    You can see the author, Nick Cope, reading it on YouTube. Ask your grown up to help you find it.
    Keep up all the reading.

  33. Rudolph Jacob says:

    I am going to read to morow The long journey. I will use a different name because I am a secret spy .

  34. Miss Travers says:

    I’m looking forward to seeing your spy name! I’ll have to guess if it’s you writing or not! Enjoy the story tomorrow!

  35. Hello Miss Travers, my next book will be Alien Adventures Fact File and Cebolinha by Mauricio de Sousa from Brazil.

  36. Miss Travers says:

    Hello Mateus! I’m glad you’re still reading! You will have to tell me all about the books! I’m excited to hear what they are about!

  37. Gabrielle says:

    I am currently reading Modern Day Explorer. The story is about flying hot-air balloons but it is difficult and dangerous. At his fourth attempt in 1998, Steve Fossett managed to travel 22,908kms, which was a world record. Unfortunately he failed to go all around the world. At his seventh attempt, in 2002, Steve Fossett successfully achieved his goal to fly solo all around the world. It took him 324 hours, 16 minutes and 13 seconds. I think I would be too scared to fly in a hot-air balloon!
    I have also read Brutus. Brutus is the story of a country dog who has to go and live in the city because his masters live there. He is a very cheeky dog and he ultimately get used to the life in the city and reunite with his masters.

  38. Miss Travers says:

    That’s amazing that he went all around the world in a hot air balloon!
    Excellent reading, Gabrielle! You sound like you are reading lots of different books too! I’m excited to hear about your next book!

  39. Today I read The Crazy Christmas by Mauricio de Sousa and a boy called Crazy guy said “it was Mother’s Day” and then Cebolinha said “it’s not Mother’s Day” and Crazy told Cebolinha that it was Father’s Day and the boy said it was Kids’s Day and again Crazy said it was Carnival. After Cebolinha said “today is not Carnival”. Finally Cebolinha’s mum came and all of people inside his house disappeared. After that Santa gave Crazy guy a crazy present.

  40. Miss Travers says:

    That sounds a good book, Mateus.
    What was the present?

  41. Flash Banana Boy says:

    The Long journey was about a family going on holiday . They forgot to pack their food and clothes so when they arrived in Devon they didn’t find any food or suitcases in the car.

    The car had run out of petrol so they couldn’t go home. But Grandad arrived at the cottage with all their food and cases so he was the superhero.

    The funniest part was that Kerry had a choc ice for breakfast.

  42. Miss Travers says:

    That sounds a good book! They sound very forgetful! I’m glad Grandad arrived! What would they do without any food or clothes!

  43. Very important things

    For little learners who want to know everything

    I like this book because it is tells me everything about the world and animals and VOLCANOES.
    Fact:The world is made out of puzzle pieces When the puzzle pieces move apart, there might be a volcano or an earthquake. It can be dangerous. 🌍

  44. Miss Travers says:

    Good afternoon Year 1!
    Have a listen to this story being read to you – it’s one of our favourites – ‘Room on the Broom’

  45. Kangaroo at the zoo
    Lesley Sims & David Semple
    I like this book because it is very cute but when the monkey is stuck at the top of the tree all the other animals help the monkey. 🐒

  46. Miss Travers says:

    That sounds a good book, Louise!
    It is nice that the other animals help the monkey!

  47. My favourite book is Pirates love underpants by Claire Freedman and Ben Cort because it is very funny: the pirates are looking for the golden underpant as treasure!

  48. Miss Travers says:

    Hello Basile!
    That is a good book isn’t it! I remember reading that to you all in class.
    I have been reading at home lots too!
    What are you going read next?

  49. Dear Miss Travers.

    I put some water in a cup and put it in the freezer and it turned into a mini iceberg . When we took it out it was very cold. Now I am going to put it in water and see how small it gets as it melts. We are also going to see if it is easy to break it.

  50. Hello Miss Travers.

    I read the Night It Rained Chips by Roderick Hunt. I liked this book because it was funny and in the night there is a chip hill that disappeared and then it starts to rain chips! In the end Mr Saffrey doesn’t want his wish to come true.

  51. Miss Travers says:

    That sounds an excellent book Isabella!

  52. Space Poems

    I really enjoyed the poems in this book. My favourite poem was The Green Man because it was very funny and made me laugh. 😆

  53. Dear Miss Travis.

    In this book I learnt that in the Victorian times the Queen was called Queen Victoria and that people didn’t have that much money and were poor. The children in the story also travel back in time and go to Buckingham Palace and meet Queen Victoria!

  54. Miss Travers says:

    Excellent learning about History! Well done!

  55. Travels with Magellan by Alison Hawes

    I enjoyed this book because Magellan was a explorer who sailed the seas and never gave up. He also tried to help his friends in the story.

  56. Brutus by Jill Eggleton.

    I liked this book because it was a story about a dog that gets lost and goes on an adventure all over the Town and the dog finds his family again in the end.

  57. Hello Miss Travers,

    I love reading my Little Miss and Mr Men book sets by Roger Hargreaves.
    My favourite book is Little Miss Sunshine because she is always very happy and caring towards others. I love her bright yellow colour. My mummy says I am very like her.

  58. Miss Travers says:

    Hello Saoirse! I love that book too! What are you reading this week?

  59. Tabby McTat by Julia Donaldson

    My favourite character is the old man that’s why it’s my favourite book.

    The story speaks about a cat that lost his man and was so sad and finally the found his man.

  60. Miss Travers says:

    Hello Fabi! I remember reading this book to you at school! I’m glad you still like it! I’m glad the cat found the man in the end.

  61. Louise 👰 says:

    Crow in the snow! ⛄
    By Lesley Sims & Fred Blunt
    I like this book because almost all of the word have the ow and it is very cute and very funny! 🦅
    It is a story about a Crow and lots of animals who are skating.
    Date :29.3.20🐼

  62. Miss Travers says:

    That sounds a good book Louise! Well done for finding the ow sounds!

  63. Today I read ‘The Lost Key’.

    Kipper wanted the magic key to glow but it did not glow. Kipper took the key out with him and he dropped it by the rocket and he couldn’t find it.
    A man was cutting the grass with a mower and the key broke the mower. The key ended up in a junk shop and a man bought it to paint some pictures of the keys. Kipper found the magic key in a picture.
    At the end the story the Key glowed.

  64. Today I read Holo-board Havoc by Elen Caldecott and Jonatronix. The characters are Cat, Seven and Tiger and they are going to find the first fragment in Planet Akwa.

  65. Miss Travers says:

    That sounds a good book Mateus!

  66. Miss Travers says:

    Good morning Year 1!
    What are you all reading this week?

  67. Good morning Miss Travers

    The book Iread was The Horse the first part was a story and the second part was non fiction.

    I learnt that horses hooves are not split like cows hooves.

    I would Like to be a cowboy because I like to eat meat especially beef.

  68. Miss Travers says:

    Good morning Jacob,
    Please use your real name on the blogs so everyone can recognise that it is you!
    That sounds an interesting book! I am glad you are reading fiction and non-fiction too!

  69. Good Morning Miss Travers, I missed you so much! and my mum
    too! Today I read in Portuguese and English. The first book was Quero Colo! by Stela Barbieri and Fernando Vilela from Brazil. This book is about different kind of laps.
    The English book is called Noisy Farm by Rod Campbell. This book is about noisy sounds of farm animals.

  70. Miss Travers says:

    Hello Mateus! I miss you all too, hopefully it won’t be too long until we return to school.
    They sound good books! Did you enjoy reading them?

  71. Hello Miss Travers, I am enjoying reading my Little Miss and Mr Men book sets. My favourite is Little Miss Sunshine because she is always so happy, caring and helpful to the others I love her bright yellow colour. My mummy says I am like her 🙂

  72. Miss Travers says:

    I love that book too Saoirse!

  73. I read Mrs Grimbles’ Grape vine which had two stories in it, both were about birds.

    When Mrs Grimbles goes in her house the birds flew down to eat the grapes in her garden. She tried to build a scarecrow and to put a net over the grapes to scare the birds away but it did not work.
    In the end she decided to share her grapes with the birds.

    In the second story Jimmy found a little bird in the road. He took it back home and gave it some water and breadcrumbs. He then sang to it and it got better and went flying home to its family in a nest in a hollow tree.

  74. Miss Travers says:

    I’m glad you enjoyed the book Jacob!

  75. Isabella says:

    Dear Miss Travers

    I’m reading The billionaire boy by David Walliams and it’s about a boy called Joe and his friend is called Bob. Joe is a billionaire. He used to go to a very posh school where all the other boys bullied him,so he went to a new school and they had a country race and Bob and Joe were very slow in the race,so Bob let Joe go infront of him in the race.

    At lunchtime the menu at school is on Monday.

    Soup of the day -wasp
    Gerbals on toast
    Hair lasagne (vegatarian option)


    Brick Cutlet all served with deep-fried cardboard

    Dessert, a slice of sweat cake.

    The food at the new school is disgusting! and in chapter 5, Bob and Joe go to Raj’s shop to buy some chocolate and then the Grubb’s Twins take Bob and put him in a rubbish bin and take Bob and Joe’s chocolate.

    I am still reading my book and I am up to chapter 7 which is called The Witch.

  76. Miss Travers says:

    That book sounds excellent Isabella! Did you know David Walliams has written a new book called ‘Slime.’ It is being sold tomorrow I think!

  77. Isabella says:

    Thank you for telling me Miss Travers.

  78. The book I read today was called The Ugly Five the author was called Julia Donaldson.

    The ‘Ugly Five’ were animals who lived on the savannah who thought they were ugly. They were the Lappet Faced Vulture, Spotted Hyena, Wildebeest, Marabou Stolk and the WaterHog. They sang a song ‘ we are the ugly five’.

    Their babies thought they were not ugly but they were good , brilliant, nice and beautiful creatures, because they fed them and when they were in a bad mood they cuddled them and sang them songs.

    Their are 5 lists of animals., the big five, the little five , the shy five and the ugly five.

  79. Miss Travers says:

    You have retold that story so well Jacob! Well done!

  80. Miss Travers says:

    Good morning Year 1!
    What are you all reading today?

  81. Isabella says:

    Dear Miss Travers.

    I am still reading the Billionaire Boy and I am now. waiting for Slime by David Williams which is coming in the post . My Mum has bought it for me for getting a Star of the week certificate.

  82. Miss Travers says:

    That’s lovely and very well deserved! 🤗 when it comes you will have to tell us all about it! Enjoy the rest of your book!

  83. The book I read today was called The Fox and the Star.

    Fox lived in a forest and star is his friend. He was happy. Fox lost star and he felt sad. All was quiet Fox fell asleep. The Beetles woke Fox up, he ate the beetles.

    Fox went to find star, he asked the trees, the rain, the rabbits and the beetles. They said look up at the sky. He saw lots of stars and he found one of his very own. This made him happy.

    The thing I like best about the story are the pictures of the stars.

  84. Miss Travers says:

    That sounds an excellent book! I want to read it!
    Well done for retelling the story with so much detail!

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