Hello Year 3!

This is our Year 3 Reading Diary Blog!

Here we can share and discuss all of the exciting books we have read in school or at home.

You can post as many book reviews as you like! Let’s see who can post the most reviews!

Anytime you have finished reading a book tell us on this blog.

Your comment will need to include:
-Title of the book
-Book Review (short summary of the story/introduction to some of the characters)
-Rating out of 10 (What did you enjoy most and why?)

Make sure you also read each other’s comments too as you may want to write a question to someone about their book to find out more. Or you might find inspiration for your next read…

16 comments on “Year 3 Reading Blog

  1. 1. – Title: Smashing Saxons
    – Author: Terry Deary
    – Book review: It is about what the Saxons did in their time and about famous Saxon leaders like Alfred the Great.
    – Rating: 10 out of 10, because I enjoyed learning more about the Saxons. The book had lots of interesting facts.

  2. Well done Nicolas!

  3. 1. – Title: No Place for Monsters – School of Phantoms
    – Author: Kory Merritt
    – Book review: The book is about a school which gets attacked with a blizzard so no one can go home. To pass the time a teacher suggests that they watch a movie, but then everyone at the school gets hypnotised except for a few students and two teachers. And something is roaming the dark halls, something hungry…
    – Rating: 10 out of 10, because the story was very interesting and I could not put the book down!

  4. Alexandra Y3 says:

    *Title: Isadora Moon under the sea
    *Author: Harriet Muncaster
    *Book review: The story is about Isodara Moon who is dpecial because she is different. Isodara has been invited to a sleepover under the sea. Isadora borrows a magical sea necklace which allows her to breathe underwater. And then the magical underwater adventure begins…
    * Rating: 10/10 because it has magic in the story and I love magic. There are also fun activities at the back of the book.

  5. Title: Ruthless Romans
    Author: Terry Deary
    Book Review: I learnt about the different types of gladiators and the rulers of Rome such as Augustus, Nero, Tiberius and Julius Caesar.
    Rating: 10 out of 10 because I liked the book a lot!

  6. – Title: Norman Castles
    – Author: Graham Rickard
    – Book review: I liked the book because I enjoyed to learn about interesting facts like slits in the castle walls and battlements so archers could fire their arrows.
    – Rating: 10 out of 10.

  7. Alexandra Y3 says:

    *Title: The Stone Age
    *Author: Marcia Williams
    *Book Review: Join Marica Williams on a journey to the Stone Age. Meet the people of Clan Wooly as they learn how to make fire, invent stone tools and turn wild wolves into tame dogs! Get lost into 6 stories written and beautifully illustrated by Marcia Williams as you learn about the beginning to the end of the Stone Age.
    *Rating: 10 out 10 because it was so funny!

  8. Title: Stormin’ Normans
    Author: Terry Deary
    Book review: It teaches you about some gruesome Norman facts such as different Norman kings like William the Conqueror and the battle of Hastings.
    Rating: 10 out of 10 because I found it very interesting!

  9. 1. Title: Awful Egyptians – Horrible Histories
    Author: Terry Deary
    Book review: I learnt about the different pharaohs and that many tombs have been broken into for gold.
    Rating: 10 out of 10

    2. Title: Savage Stoneage
    Author: Terry Deary
    Book review: It tells you interesting facts about the Stone Age such as some stone agers were clever enough to chase an animal to the edge of the cliff. When the animal fell down there was already a stone ager there to ensure the animal was dead. They used the animal for food and to make clothes.
    Rating: 10 out of 10

  10. Title: Groovy Greeks
    Author: Terry Deary
    Book review: I learnt that the Greeks had these types of oracles and they would go to the oracle and they would ask the oracle a question and the oracle was to answer back. But usually there was a priest at the bottom of the oracle who answered the questions. I found the book very interesting.
    Rating 10 out of 10.

  11. Title: The Woeful Second World War
    Author: Terry Deary
    Book review: It told you interesting facts, for example the Germans captured Poland. When Hitler heard he was losing the war he poisoned himself.
    Rating: 10 out of 10

  12. Alexandra Y3 says:

    Title: Rock On! Birthstones
    Author: Schoolastic
    Rating: 10 out of 10
    Review: I liked learning about birthstones. I learnt that my birthstone is a citrine or a topaz. I also got a real amethyst, sardonyx, citrine and moonstone! Fun fact! Did you know that emeralds have been loved and mined for nearly 2, 300 years!

  13. Title: Vile Victorians
    Author: Terry Deary
    Book Review: This book was very interesting! I learnt that in the Victorian times all the water that people drank was from the sewers. Because they drank this water they got sick.
    Rating: 7 out of 10

  14. Title: The Boy who lived with Dragons
    Author: Andy Shepherd
    Book review: It’s about a boy called Thomas. He discovered a dragon fruit tree in his garden. He found a dragon inside the fruit and then his friend wanted one to. You can do cool stuff with a dragon, but it turns out having a dragon is also very difficult because they make a lot of trouble.
    Rating: 10 out of 10. I really enjoy these books (there are 6 of them).

  15. Alexandra Y3 says:

    Title: Rose Gold and Friends
    Author: Alice Hemming
    Rating: 10 out of 10
    Book Review: When Rose, Yasmeen, Amber and Oralie meet at summer camp, they become the best of friends. But when Rose’s dog Wriggly turns up at their cabin, they don’t know what to do – dogs aren’t allowed at the camp, and yet Wriggly helps Rose feel less homesick. They decide to hide Wriggly in their room and hope no one finds out. Can the girls keep Wriggly a secret, or will they be caught red – handed? Whatever happens, these BFFs are in it together!

  16. 1. Title: The Usborne Official Knight’s Handbook
    Author: Sam Tablin
    Book Review: It’s about being a knight. I learnt about knight school, tournaments and challenges.
    Rating: 8 out of 10, I enjoyed the book

    2. Title: Artur The Always King
    Author: Kevin Crossley-Holland
    Book review: This book is about how Arthur pulled the sword Excalibur out of the stone and he became a king. He won many battles. Sir Lancelot was one of his best knights and three other knights won the Holy Grail.
    Rating: 8 out of 10, this book took me a long time to read as it has a lot of pages.

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