Year 3 Reading Diary

This is the Year 3 reading diary for this year.  You can comment on this blog anytime (and as many times as you like!) throughout the term. Once you have finished reading a book please tell us all about it on this blog.

Things you could include in your post:

Book review (a short summary of the story and introduce the characters)
What was your favourite part of the book and why?

We cannot wait to hear about all the amazing books you read!

18 comments on “Year 3 Reading Diary

  1. The Magic Farawaytree (Enid Blyton):

    Two girls and one boy called Beth, Franny and Joe go up the Farawaytree and have lots of adventures on the lands on top. My favourite part of the book was when they go to the Land of Take What You Want, because the land is magical and they had a lot of fun there.

    Greetings from Sophia

  2. Gangster granny by David William.

    There was a boy called Ben and he had a grandma. Ben thought grandma was boring and he hated her. But one day Ben was looking for sweets in the cupboard when he saw jewels and money. But as he was looking at it his grandma was coming in. He quickly went back to eat his breakfast. One day when it was late he saw his grandma dressed all black looking like she was stealing something… since there he is very interested on his grandma.

  3. This sounds like a great book Sophie!

  4. The lonely puppy by Angie Sage

    The lonely puppy is about Bings family going out to work but Millie, their dog, stays at home on her own. Millie didn’t know where they went and after 30 seconds she had an idea she was going to look for them around the house. Suddenly she was lost and it was a nightime and everyone was fast asleep. The next day Millie woke up and straightaway she started looking for the Bings and a few seconds later a boy called Billy called a puppy! Millie ran as fast as her legs could carry her and turned around but it was not the Bings. She put on her sad face and at the end of the story .she found the owner.

  5. Great Marisa!

  6. Pioneer girl by Pat Thomson

    Laura Ingalls wilder lived in America 130 years ago. Laura’s family were pioneer and she had many adventures as they travelled through woods over prairies and across rivers in their covered wagon. This is the story of Laura’s exciting childhood.

    and I realy liked it .

  7. The Enigma Plot by Roderick Hunt, Alex Brychta and David Hunt
    In this book Tyler realises the time schedule has gone black which means a viran is going through time . Wilma, Nadim and Kipper go back in time and meet a boy Peter who is evacuated to Bedford then Bletchley. At Bletchley they have machines which unscramble the Nazi ‘s codes. They found the viran who was trying to steal the enigma machine and the settings. Then Britain would lose the war. Nadim threw a Zaptrap and she turned into a shower of sparks. I didn’t like this book because it didn’t have much information about the war and code breaking. Adrian would like this book because it is about World War II.

  8. I finished reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl. Five lucky children get to visit the factory with Willy Wonka. I really liked how all the naughty children have funny natural consequences but well-raises Charlie gets a very nice natural reward at the end.

  9. It is a great book Kristian!

  10. The fairytale fairies (magic rainbow fairies)

    In these four books JackFrost steels the fairytale fairies’ magical objects and all the fairytale characters are now out of the books because the magical objects are used like invisible glue. Jack Frost wants to steel them so he can rewrite the stories. I loved the books because I like that they always have a good ending.


  11. It’s so nice to hear about your favourite part of the book Sophia!

  12. Dog Man Grime and Punishment
    IDav Pilkey)

    This book is in a comic book style and is about how Petey’s dad escapes from jail. Petey is a cat and is a bad guy. Dog man is the good guy who saves the day. I really liked that it is the new book in the Dog Man series and it’s sad because Dog Man gets fired from his job but has three happy endings!

  13. This sounds like an exciting book Jack!

  14. Albert Dawen says:

    Hi Miss Dury

    I am curantly reading Harry Potter and the prisoner of azkaban.

    It’s when Harry Ron Hermione and Sirius Black nerly got his soul sucked out of his mouth by a Dementor.

    Harry has three frends, there called Ronold Weesly, also known as Ron Weesly Hermione Granger and Ginny Weesly.

    I like it because it is drematic.



  15. What a great book to be reading Albert! It sounds like a very dramatic book 🙂

  16. Adele The Singing Coach Fairy by Daisy Meadows
    There was a necklace that Adele needs to sing well but a goblin took it. Adele used some of her magic to get it back. I loved the part when Adele used her magic to make clothes for the goblin to wear while he sang on stage. I also liked that Adele got her necklace back in the end.

  17. This sounds like an exciting book Rebecca!

  18. Dear Miss Drury,
    I read a story “Rumpelstiltskin” about a girl called Lily and a goblin. It was a long story, but I enjoyed it. My favourite was the last page with the happy end.

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