Throughout the season of Lent we follow the 3 special pillars of praying, fasting and giving.

Families at St. Vincent’s will receive the Lent prayer bag from school to come together to remember the Easter story, and spend time reflecting on Jesus’ sacrifice for us on Good Friday and his joyful resurrection on Easter Sunday.

The prayer bags help us to focus our minds on the days leading up to Easter and help us to remember the promises we made on Ash Wednesday.

As a school we are also working with Catholic Children’s Society. Every child received a Lent box, where families can donate money to the special charity throughout Lent. The money is used for families who are struggling and in desperate need of help. To donate during Lent, especially to such an important charity, not only supports the pillar of giving but supports many families and children across the country. 

Thank you to our families for sharing these beautiful images of their prayer time together, we hope you enjoy seeing them. 
CAFOD also have a wide range of resources and prayers for families which you might like to use at during Lent at home, including an interactive Lent Calendar with lots of activities!

We hope you all have a special Lent.

4 comments on “Lent Prayer Bags

  1. Marie 😉 says:

    The pictures look fantastic 😃!l

  2. It looks like every one is having fun.

  3. Jamesj(Y3)😊👌✔ says:

    I hope I get the prayer bag soon. It looks good

  4. This reminds me when Jesus fasted in the desert for 40 days.

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