This week saw Year 4 take on ‘Adapting a Biscuit Recipe’ for our topic in Design Technology for this term!

We were given a brief of having to create a biscuit that would be a delicious treat for Year 2. Firstly we brainstormed all we knew about biscuits from what they taste like to who buys them and all the different kinds of biscuits that we could think of! Jammy Dodgers seem to be a Year 4 favourite! 

We then got into groups and decided on a product name and logo based on trying to appeal to our Year 2 client base. This took some voting and lots of discussion to come to an agreement which everyone was happy about. Some of the names were Sprinkle Delight and Rainbow Cookies. We also had to decide which additional ingredients we would be adding to our recipe so that it would be tasty. We could pick any 2 from raisins, cocoa powder, sprinkles and chocolate chips which would make our biscuits different from each other. 

The very next morning we got started on making our biscuit recipes so that we could host Year 2 to taste them in the afternoon! First, we made sure that we followed food hygiene and safety rules by washing our hands, putting on aprons and making sure any long hair was tied back! 

Next, we had to read the recipe together so that we knew the steps we needed to take to achieve our task. We began by creaming together the sugar and butter and adding an egg yolk! Then we added our flour by sieving it into the mixture so that the flour didn’t have any lumps in it and mixed it to create a dough. Finally. we added in our additional ingredients from the designs we created the day before.

We then put the dough to chill in the fridge and got on with some cleaning of our equipment. After 15 minutes we were ready to roll out and cut the dough using our chosen biscuit cutter shapes. Mrs Hope then kindly baked out biscuits and finished cleaning up the creativity room! Thank you for all of your help! 

Lastly, in the afternoon we invited Year 2 to come and taste test each group’s biscuits and give them feedback on their products! Thank you to Year 2 for being amazing tasters and Miss Foster-Adams for allowing Year 2 to take part!  

We then evaluated our biscuits with our groups and reflected on how suitable they were for our target audience and what we would do differently next time!

Well done Year 4 on making some tasty biscuits! 

What did you enjoy when you were making your biscuit recipe? 

What ingredients would you add next time? 

5 comments on “Design Technology in Year 4

  1. Alexandra Y3 says:

    Those biscuits look so yummy!

  2. Florence Y3🌈 says:

    That looks like fun Year 4. Hope you enjoyed it!

  3. Sophia A y4 says:

    Thank you year 2 for taste testing them!!!

  4. Madeleine y4 says:

    It was so fun. I loved it!

  5. I loved it. Thank you Mr Garnet and Miss Coleman for arranging this for us as it was super fun and we did it as groups so we got to work together. Thank you year 2 for testing our biscuits.

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