Accessing Maths No Problem

To help children at home, Maths No Problem have created ‘Parent Logins’ to provide parents and caregivers access to content for their child’s year group which includes lessons, worksheets (with answers) and support guides.

Please read  the following guide to help you navigate the Maths No Problem site and access the appropriate content:

Step 1: Sign in to Maths No Problem Hub (


Step 2: Read the Blog posted by your child’s teacher (e.g. Textbook 3A, Chapter 1, Lesson 2).

Click on the appropriate: 

  • Textbook
  • Chapter
  • Lesson


Step 3: Go through the lesson (click here for more information about the lesson structure). Children in upper KS2 should be able to through the lesson independently.

  • In Focus Task-Encourage children to think about the investigation by asking open questions:
    • What is the problem asking you to do?
      What do you already know to help you solve this problem?
      Could you use any resources to help you?
      Could you draw a picture to help you?
      What methods could you use to solve this problem?
      How many different methods could you use?
  • Let’s LearnThis is the part of the lesson which will focus on the appropriate methods to solve the problem. The characters are there to help you: either to guide learning, expose misconceptions, prompt discussions or encourage learners to justify their reasoning.
  • Guided Practice-Here, children can practice applying the methods that they have just learnt (Use the Home Learning Books)

Step 4: Click Go to Workbook in the top right hand corner to find the appropriate worksheet.

Step 5: The children complete the worksheet in their Home Learning Books


Step 6: When your child is ready to mark their work, click ‘Answers‘ at the top of the worksheet.

I hope this guide helps you to access Maths No Problem.


To offer challenge, children could ‘journal about their discoveries’. Here are some examples of journal entries that your child could use:

Write a set of instructions for your friend explaining how you solved today’s problem.
Write down two or three different methods to solve today’s problem. Why did you choose these methods? In your opinion, which method is the best and why?
Pick a calculation from the Guided Practice section of the lesson and write a story for what the numbers mean.
If you completed a calculation in the lesson, highlight some of the steps for the calculation and write down what is
happening in each of the highlighted steps.


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