As a school, we have access to a wealth of online resources that are part of the London Grid for Learning. Some of them we use all the time, such as Busy Things and J2e, but there are others that you may not know about but might like to explore. You never know what you might learn! Some of the resources even use AR (augmented reality) to help the information come to life!

There are lots of LGfL resources on the Home Learning Page, but we’ve made a list here with a bit more detail about them.

Maths and Grammar Guides – These websites have tutorial videos to help children and parents understand the key concepts for their year group. If you are stuck on an activity, look it up on here and see if the video helps you to understand it better.

Do you love to read and write? Reading Zone Live interviews some of the most well known children’s authors. They answer children’s questions about their books and give tips and advice so that your writing can be as good as theirs!

Maybe you would like to create your own book. Try using this Picture Book Maker or Comic Book Maker to tell your own stories.

Reading books is obviously very important, but sometimes it is good to listen to stories as well. Listening Books has a range of audio books for you to listen to. Talking Stories has audio stories for younger children and older children.

Significant people – This website takes you through history to discover some key people. There are fact file, interactive maps and AR resources to help you learn more about them.

History is hard to learn when you can’t travel back in time, but LGfL have created some augmented reality resources to help you really see what life was like in different periods of History. Look up the ones you have learnt at school or maybe even explore a whole new time in History. Once you have opened the webpage, either click on ‘launch resource’ or choose the option that is appropriate for the device you are using.

You could even learn more about how they discovered the past by learning about archeology.

Of course there are loads of other things to do and learn. Why not find out more about the River Thames are the importance it has had in London. Or discover what it would be like on a mission to the moon, using all the Maths and Science you know to help you on your journey. Or walk in the footsteps of the great polar explorers and discover a world you’ve never been to. Or even, learn a new online language and learn how to code using Python.

There is so much to discover and learn! If you particularly enjoy using one of these resources, or find a better one, then please let us know. This is a great time for us to find out more about the topics we are interested in, or maybe even discover something new!

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