This week Year 4 had a brilliant computing workshop with Thomas who introduced us to a new program called ‘Adobe Express!

Adobe express is useful tool for making things like posters and posts for social media and websites. We began by discussing about a special campaign by UNEP & Ocean Agency called ‘Glowing, Glowing, Gone’ which is spreading awareness about the loss of coral due to climate change. We watched a video about how coral reefs are being destroyed and the types of conservation work going on to prevent more damage by creating innovative solutions to these issues. Our challenge was to use Adobe Express to create a striking poster to continue spreading the word about this vital campaign.

We practiced using lots of different templates. We added an ocean themed background, added the campaign title and slogan and some facts about the destruction of the coral reef to help spread this important message. We then layered other images of turtles, fish and other animals that live in the reefs. Thomas showed us how to make the background of images transparent so that they could blend in with our poster and look like the animals are part of the background!

Year 4 learnt lots about Adobe and how to use the design features to change colours of text and the saturation of images, the size of the text and experimented with many other fun tools.

What was your favourite part of our Adobe workshop?

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