Advent Wreaths in Year 2

This week, we started our new topic of Advent. We were able to remember lots of things about the Advent Wreath from our learning in Year 1. We have looked at the ways in which we prepare for Christmas, and the fact that we are preparing to celebrate the birth of Jesus.

We now know what the Advent Wreath symbolises and can discuss this with our friends, and also in our written work. We know all about what the different candles represent and we know when they should be lit across the four weeks of Advent. Within our learning this week, we have been able to use some watercolours to create our own wreaths, ensuring to include the candles and the evergreen leaves. We know that Advent Wreaths are made with evergreen leaves because they are unchanging, like God’s love for us.

We have been really reflective and have taken our time with our artwork as made sure to carefully sketch our designs before adding any paint to our work.

Well done for your great work in Religious Education this week, Year 2. You have remembered so much, and have built on your learning so well. Keep up the fantastic work! 

3 comments on “Advent Wreaths in Year 2

  1. Mikey’s mum says:

    Well done year 2. Your art work looks fantastic.

  2. Tristan year 1 says:

    great job year 2.

  3. Well done Year 2. Everything looks brilliant. I look forward to the year when Shana does the wreath workshops again at St Vincent’s.

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