Year 3 – Anti-bullying Week 2021!

This week, we have been celebrating Anti-bullying Week! We have thought about the importance of being kind to one another and to ourselves.

We started our week with odd-sock day! We wore odd socks as a celebration of our unique and amazing qualities. We thought about how all of our differences make our world a more diverse and amazing place to live.

 Then we took part in a workshop with Mind, they talked to us about how we can ensure we are always trying to be kind to others and ourselves. We learnt a new breathing technique that we can use at times that we find this more difficult like when we are tired, angry or frustrated. We will keep using this to help clear our minds and relax.

To end our week we took part in two fun activities. We first thought about the theme of this week, which is One Kind Word. We thought of lots of words that we can associate with kindness, wrote these on post-it note, and then gathered them all together. After that, we thought about what superhero would support this week. We created our own superheroes with uniforms and logos. They each had a superpower that would keep kindness in our world.

For homework this week, we also can up with our own kindness acrostic poems. We thought about what kindness means for use and included it in our work.

We have learnt a lot this week and will keep using these skills to keep making our school and community a kinder place!

3 comments on “Year 3 – Anti-bullying Week 2021!

  1. I loved making the super hero’s that was such fun and making the pretty love heart’s.Thank you miss Drury for planing this!

  2. Dear Miss Drury ,
    This was so much fun when we did this. I wish we could do this again. My favourite bit was doing the super hero. Miss Drury thank you for planing this for us.How was your day and was it fun!
    from Grace

  3. I really liked designing our super heroes and choosing a kind word for the heart and decorating the heart.I really liked anti-bulling…😊!

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