Thank you so, so much to everyone who supported the St. Vincent’s Auction this evening. It was such a fun evening and raised a  record breaking amount of money.

So far we have raised over £80,000!! This will help the school to enhance the education for our pupils. 


4 comments on “Amazing Auction!

  1. Lola Gardner-Sharp says:

    Congratulations dearest St Vincent’s, what an incredible epic night!

  2. Adelaide Pereira says:

    Congratulations to the SVPA and everyone involved in organising this grand auction!

  3. Thank you so much parents for raising this much money! It is so generous of you to do this! With all this money we will use it to make a better place to be at. You have made our school a much more exciting place for the future generations.

  4. My mum bought my birthday cake from the auction. It was soo nice!

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