This week, Reception have been learning about Anti-Bullying Week.

This year’s theme is ‘Make a noise about bullying.’ We have been learning about how we can express our feelings and develop ways in which we can be kind to others.

On Monday we had odd socks day, where we celebrated how unique and special we all are! 

During the week, we had some discussions and time with Jasper the kind bear. We shared how we can be kind with each other and how this can make someone feel when we show kindness. 

We decorated some kindness socks to show all of the ways we can try and be kind to people. 

Well done Reception for your great listening skills this week. We will try hard to continue showing kindness to those around us.

Reception, what things can we do to show kindness?

One comment on “Anti-Bullying Week 2023

  1. Alexandra Y3 says:

    Wow reception! I love your kindness socks.

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