On Tuesday, Year 1 went to visit Year 5 as they had prepared a special Child-Led Collective worship for us all to join. This was a special time for both classes to come together to hear the word of God, reflect and think about how we can live in His way.

To begin, Year 5 talked to Year 1 about the special objects they had brought with them to put on the prayer mat. In school we have begun our new Religious Education topic of Advent, so they chose the special purple prayer cloth to represent this. We are nearly in the special time of Advent, where we wait for Christmas, as we waited for the birth of Christ.

We sat in a circle and had some quiet time to think and focus on our breathing. As we breathed in, we breathed in God’s peace. As we breathed out, we breathed out any worries to help us to be still inside and out.

Today’s reading was taken from the Gospel according to Luke (1:5-23, 57-66). This Gospel reading tells us about The Birthday of John the Baptist. A married couple called Zechariah and Elizabeth longed for a child, and were told by a messenger from God that they will have a son, who was to be named John. He grew up to be John the Baptist, who Baptised Jesus in the River of Jordan.

We then had some quiet time to close our eyes and reflect on the Word we had heard, praying quietly in our hearts asking God to help us to choose the right ways to make others happy.

To take this message away with us we will try and make choices to spread happiness, and also to forgive those who have made us unhappy, and show them we forgive them in our thoughts, words and actions.

Thank you Year 5 for leading this special Collective Worship in your classroom today! Year 1 really enjoyed the experience and the collective worship you prepared for them.


4 comments on “Paired Child-Led Collective Worship

  1. Alexandra Y3 says:

    This looks so calming and peaceful. Praying and reflecting on our actions is really nice. 🙏

  2. HELLO everyone!!! I liked when we went to the year 5 class. It is nice looking at peoples classes. I wonder what it would look like in year 6.

  3. Wow well done year 5 for guiding Nursery in child led worship!!It looks like everyone is relaxed and calm which is a good sign!!

  4. I love child led worship! Especially when the other class ( in this case year1 ) come to worship with us. The older class can always show an example.

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