Anti-Bullying Week!

We have been busy this week in Nursery completing lots of activities based on Anti-Bullying week!

Our theme this year is all about kindness and how we can share kindness with our friends. We began our week by having a special odd socks day where we wore our own odd socks to school. We discussed how all of our socks were different and unique and that this is very much like everybody; being special in their own way. 

Our book of the week has also linked to Anti-Bullying week. We have been learning about the Rainbow Fish…

In this story we learnt about a beautiful fish with shiny scales. He wouldn’t share his scales with his friends so the other fish didn’t want to play with him. The rainbow fish was lonely and visited a wise octopus who encouraged him to share his scales with his friends and explained how this would bring him happiness. We acted out the story using all of the characters in the water tray!

Yesterday we made our own superhero puppets and thought about what special superhero powers they had and how we can use some of these powers to spread kindness too!

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  1. really good work nursery

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