Thank you to everyone who watched the Year 4 Assembly in real life and on the live stream. We hope you enjoyed it!

Here is the recording of the live stream of the Year 4 Assembly. Enjoy!

Please contact the school office if you would like the password.

9 comments on “Recording of Year 4 Assembly

  1. Miss Coleman says:

    Well done Year 4-what a fabulous assembly! I will be singing the songs for day to come!

  2. Sophia Maria’s family says:

    What a fantastic performance! We enjoyed learning so much about the Romans! Well done class 4!

  3. Sophia Marias grandparents from 🇦🇹 says:

    Great performance,congratulations to students and teachers.We are always happy if we can watch your videos

  4. Maya laporte says:

    It was very good!

  5. Sophia Maria‘s grandparents from 🇬🇧 says:

    Well done class 4! Loved it!

  6. Hi I really enjoyed performing for my first assembly in St. Vincents and I liked being 2 roles

  7. Dear Year 4
    your play was super. I really liked the singing ! well done !
    from Grace

  8. Mila family says:

    Well done year 4 it was a amazing show ❤️❤️

  9. Year 4, your assembly was amazing and your costumes looked beautiful. Your voices sounded incredible as you sang. I really enjoyed watching it and I hope you enjoyed performing as well.

    Zoe Y3

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