This week is anti-bullying week, and in Nursery we have been focusing on kindness!


We have had lots of discussions about being kind and what that looks like in our classroom. We had already heard the word “kind” many times before, because one of our four core rules in Nursery is that “We are kind”. We know that being kind means treating others nicely by playing with our classmates, sharing our toys, playing with lots of different people, and not hurting others. We also talked about how being kind to others makes us feel nice inside.


On Monday we all came into school in our odd socks, which we all thought was a bit funny! We wore odd socks to show that even though everyone is different we should still be kind to everyone. Across the course of the week we listened to videos about being kind, sang songs about kindness and even created our own odd socks to show what we know about kindness. Here are some of the examples of the conversations we had about kindness!

Siena said “My brother is kind. When he feels sad and I feel sad I cuddle him and he cuddles me”.

John said “I am kind to my mum”

Tomi said “Pilar is kind to me”

Mala said “I drew a rainbow to show being kind”

We ended our anti-bullying week qith an assembly from Mrs Duffy, talking about what bullying is and who we can talk to if someone is not being kind to us.

3 comments on “Anti-Bullying Week in Nursery

  1. Alexandra Y3 says:

    Amazing kindness socks nursery! I love your rainbow 🌈 socks!

  2. Florence Y3🌈 says:

    Nice colouring socks Nursery

  3. Wow I love your odd socks!!What bright colours!!And great colourings to!

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