Art Week!

Year 4 have loved exploring nature and art alongside the October Gallery after their assessments last week.

We started our week with a workshop with The October Gallery. Esther taught us about the artist Rafael Trelles and his work in the Surrealist style.

Trelles’s work focuses on flora and fauna, and we experimented with ink and water to create our own patterns to represent different sounds of nature. We then learnt about Frottage, which is a technique made up of prints. We used natural materials such as flowers, sticks, leaves and stems as well as oil pastels to create rubbings of nature, combining them with droplets of ink water.

Later in the week we learnt more about the Surrealist style including how it came about, what Surrealism was trying to achieve and some key figures in the movement such as Dali and Trelles himself.

Using our knowledge of Surrealism and the techniques Esther taught us, we created our own surrealist landscapes which depicted our dreams, thoughts or were simply random objects put together in a method called Automatism.

Finally we were so lucky to have a wonderful artist join us in class. She taught us more about the October Gallery and Trelles’ work. She showed us how to create clay tiles and decorate them to create some brilliant examples of Surrealist sculpture.

We are so grateful to the October Gallery for such fantastic workshops and to all of the teachers who helped us to have such a fantastic Art Week!


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  1. I loved art week because you could make lots of creative stuffs like pottery!

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