Green Team would like to say a very big “Thank you” for all of your efforts on Wear It Wild Day. You came up with some wonderful outfits. Both adults and pupils showed great imagination! The WWF thank you too for the donation and sent us a lovely thank you letter.

Jacob, “Well done for raising £355. Wow!”

Stella, “Even though it was lots of fun, it was for a very serious reason.”

Sebastiao, “The money was for the cause of nature.”

Zavan, “The money will be spent on protecting animals and their habitats.”

Moses, “I loved dressing up as a tiger.”

Catherine, “My teacher was dressed as a leopard.”

Gabriella, “Most of the teachers wore leopard pattern! It was like a new uniform”

Louise, “I was a flamingo. I can stand on one leg.”

Pablo, “It was fun being an octopus for the day.”

Sophia, “My wings got broken but they still looked nice.”

Samuel, “I am so proud of the money we raised. St Vincent’s is always good at raising money.”

Albert, Gabriella, Reuben, “Thank you!”

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