Bubbles for Science

Our Science topic for this term is all about using our scientific investigation skills to find out about bubbles.

Today we were looking at performing a fair test to find out which mixture produces the best bubbles.

We talked about what makes a best bubble. Is it the size? How long they last? The colour? The amount of bubbles you can make?

Once we had chosen our criteria, we made our two mixtures. Mixture 1 had 3 cups of water and 1 cup of washing up liquid. Mixture 2 was the same as mixture 1 except the one difference was that we added 6 tablspoons of sugar to mixture 2.

To keep it a fair test, we made sure we used the same pipe cleaners and shape for the bubbles.

We had lots of fun making different bubbles and found out that the sugar made the bubble mixture stronger and made better bubbles.

4 comments on “Bubbles for Science

  1. Clemence says:

    I loved making the bubbles, it was so much fun. I liked that we had two mixtures!

  2. The bubbles were so much fun. It made it more fun that we were on the roof instead of the classroom. The lesson was so great!

  3. Graceanne says:

    I really loved making bubbles, in fact that is my favourite lesson, it was fun.

  4. Making bubbles was so fun and the roof made it better.

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