Class 5’s Settlements – Design and Technology

In Class 5 we are really enjoying our Invaders and Settlers topic. 
So far we have learnt a lot about the Anglo-Saxons. We know why they came to Britain, where they settled and why.
We explored what life might have been like living as an Anglo-Saxon in Britain. We looked in detail at the features of an Anglo-Saxon village. We learnt about the different buildings and what they were used for but also what they were made out of. We also learnt about the different jobs. As a class we discussed which job we would prefer to do and why.

This week we have designed our very own Anglo-Saxon settlements. We made sure our designs were closely linked to what we have learnt and reflected what an Anglo-Saxon village would have really looked like. We then made sure we labelled our designs clearly so that we knew which materials we would need before we started making out settlements.

Have a look at some of our designs below and we will post a picture of our finished settlements once they are complete (we have started making them already and they look great).

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