Enterprise Week 2020!

This year our annual Enterprise Week will be held from 19th-23rd October and has some exciting changes!

At the Enterprise Week Launch, each class will be given a loan of £25 to produce a product to be sold.

During the week, each class will have to create a name and logo to represent their company and film an advert for everyone to watch to try and persuade children to buy their products!

On Wednesday all children will watch the adverts and then decide what they are going to order. They should bring in their money on Wednesday 21st October and make the payment with their order-this reflects real life and ensures all classes get the correct payments! The children will be completing the online order forms during their lessons.  

After all the order forms have been completed, it will be time to create the orders!

On Friday 23rd October, all the orders will be ready and the children will collect their products.

All products will be £1 and the children may bring in a maximum of £2 to spend. Children are to bring in their £2 on Wednesday 21st October. 

6 comments on “Enterprise Week 2020!

  1. Hello,
    Thanks for this initiative. Does it apply to nursery too ?
    Kd rgds

  2. Miss Gorick says:

    Yes all classes are involved!

  3. Julia G Year 5 says:

    Enterprise week was so fun! Thank you for all your hard work to organize this event. I relly enjoyed it!

  4. A big thank you to Miss Gorick for organizing Enterprise week. I really enjoyed it. In Enterprise Week, you be reciprocal.
    This really makes the whole class a big friendship group.

  5. (*Year 5 *)Nina says:

    Thank you Miss Gorick for organizing Enterprise Week- it was great fun.

  6. Thank you Year 5 for your lovely comments-I’m so glad that you enjoyed the week and well done for making such a super profit!

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