During Art Week 2022, each class made a collective piece of artwork. All of the classes focused on an artist or art in history and studied the art style, technique and work. Each class developed different skills including paint, collage and printing. All of the art pieces demonstrate a real ‘celebration’ of our world through colour, nature and history.
A special thank you to Mr Allan and the sixth form students from Queen’s College for their support with many of the art pieces.

Nursery: Inspired by Wassily Kandinsky ‘Concentric Circles’
Reception: Inspired by David Hockney ‘The Arrival of Spring in Woldgate’
Year 1: Inspired by David Hockney ‘Red Pots in the Garden’
Year 2: Inspired by Claude Monet ‘Starry Night’
Year 3: Inspired by Egyptian history including crowns 
Year 4: Inspired by Roman Mosaics
Year 5: Inspired by Sarah Morris ‘Dulles’
Year 6: Inspired by Kate Watkins

Our class art pieces were all sold in our school auction last week! A big thank you to all of the people who bid on our artwork and for the people who purchased our class pieces!

2 comments on “Class Art Pieces!

  1. Adelaide Pereira says:

    Stunning pieces of art😍
    Well done to the talented children of SV!

  2. Stella Y6 says:

    Beautiful pieces of art from everyone!
    We can see the effort from everyone in every piece.
    I hope you can enrich your art skills.

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