Collective Worship

To end our week, we organised a special class collective worship. We thought about how we have behaved this week, our achievements in class, as well as about what we have been learning about in our Religious Education topic: Community. This was a special time for us to come together, reflect and lead our own prayers.

To begin, we made the sign of the cross by saying ‘In the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, Amen’.

Today’s reading was from Saint Paul’s letter to the Romans 12:8-11, which we have been focusing on in our Religious Education lessons. Saint Paul’s message told us how to share the lovely gifts we have been given by God, by being whole-hearted and enthusiastic in all we do, and treating each other with love and care, just like brothers and sisters.

We then said a prayer together to ask God to help us to only  make the choices which help ourselves, our parents, siblings, teachers and friends be happy, in all we do and say.

To take this message away with us we are going to invite someone in one of our most special communities, our St. Vincent’s school family, to come and play with us at break time or lunch time if they are feeling lonely.

To end our class worship, we turned down the lights and closed our eyes to think about how we can put this Mission into action next week.

What other actions could we do to make people in our community happy?

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