In our computing lessons this half term, we have been learning about digital devices. Last week, we learnt that computers are processing machines. They need an input (the instruction), then they process it and then there is an output. If something doesn’t work, then we must have given it the wrong input!

Today, we were comparing digital and non-digital devices. We were given the challenge of use a computer programme called Paint 3D to create a picture of a tree in 10 minutes. We then went back to class and had the same challenge to create a picture of a tree in 10 minutes but this time we had to use watercolour paint. After we had completed both challenges we discussed and reviewed the differences between the two and how some things were easier to do on Paint 3D and others were easier using watercolours.

AH: “It was easier using the real life paint to make the trunk of the tree because you just needed to choose your colour and then start painting a brown line. On Paint 3D there were lots of buttons to press and you had to work out which to use.”

PRA: “On Paint 3D I could use patterns but when I used watercolours it was a lighter colour.”

GA: “On Paint 3D it was easier to do the background as we could just press the bucket and then it made it all blue. In real life it took a long time to paint!”

FC: “In real life, we couldn’t rub out any mistakes but on Paint 3D we could rub out or press undo”

SG: “On Paint 3D there were more colours we could choose from.”

VV: “Paint 3D is easier as you can rub out and the paint can go over the paint from before but in real life you can’t go over the other paint straight away.”

RC: “In Paint 3D, you could make the brushes thicker and thinner. When we were painting, we only had one brush.”

Which did you prefer using? What parts did you find easier or harder using Paint 3D and why?

7 comments on “Computing in Year 3

  1. Alexandra Y3 says:

    Computing is so much fun! I prefer paint 3D. It is so much easier. It’s easy to undo your mistakes unlike painting with water colours. I would like to do this again. Thank you Mr. Kersys and Miss Carruthers.

  2. I preferred to use the Paint 3D because it was easier because you just needed to press a paint button and then press the bucket and the colour was already there how you liked it.

  3. Computing must have been amazing and computing can be very hard but you seem like you did fantastic. Keep up the great work year3.

  4. I thought that paint 3D was easier because you have different types of tools and when
    you do real paint you only have a paint brush. the parts that I found easier on paint 3D
    was the trunk.

  5. Florence Y3🌈 says:

    Computing was so fun. Another example that I was thinking is that in Paint 3D we could have more colours to chose from and that you could get enough detail but on Real life you only had a paintbrush to use and NO pencils to make the details so you would have to wait to dry it out.


  7. Charles year 3 says:

    I loved drawing in the computer. It is so fun . I loved learning about the input and the output.

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