Our current topic in Computing is creating media and digital writing.

Year 1 are really enjoying this topic and are making fantastic progress with their computing skills! Year 1 are now confident with using a mouse, opening a search engine and using software such as Microsoft Word.

During our Computing lessons, we have been identifying what the different keys on the keyboard does and is called, focusing on the space bar, back space and enter keys. The class can now all log in independently into their profile, and can open word to begin their typing practice. Whilst exploring Word, the children have enjoyed trying to highlight their typing and change the font or colour of their text!

Today we looked at a story about a boy called Omar, who lost his teddy! The children had to type sentences about what the teddy looked like, and where Omar may have lost his teddy. The class really enjoyed using a story to focus their writing and typing their own mini stories. I am so impressed with Year 1’s independence and keenness to learn about how to use a computer. Well done!

3 comments on “Computing: Typing on a Keyboard

  1. Charles year 3 says:

    I hope Omar found his teddy ! That story looks fun!

  2. Alexandra Y3 says:

    That looks like fun Year 1!

  3. Isabelle Year 1 says:

    I loved the computing lesson. We wrote a story about Ted. Because he was lost.
    We wrote sentences because miss Walsh said that is our lesson.

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