This week in Nursery our book of the week is ‘ TheThree Billy Goats Gruff’! After reading many different versions of this story we looked at how the characters are represented differently in the different versions of the story. We specifically looked at all of the Trolls! Some were big and scary, some were purple and some had hairy chins! We then had the chance to create our very own troll out of play dough! We had the option to use toothpicks, feathers, glitter, fur, pencil shavings, googly eyes and lots of different materials. We started by making out dough into a Troll shaped head and then we added our chosen materials to make our own scary Troll. It was so fun and so great to see everyone’s scary Troll faces at the end.

Who is your favourite bad guy from a traditional tale?


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  1. That looks so fun!!

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