Today as part of Enterprise Week,  Year 5 and 6 took part in a Digi Days workshop led by Anahita from Microsoft.

We learned more about all of the different ways that technology is used to help us in our everyday lives, including ways in which people with disabilities can be supported in many ways by the use of accessible technology. We also had the chance to explore some of the wide variety of different careers there are available in technology.

Thank you so much to Anahita and her team who came to share so much valuable information with us and for answering our many questions today. You have certainly inspired many of Year 5&6 to strive towards a career in technology one day.

4 comments on “Digi Days Workshop

  1. I really enjoyed the workshop and found it interesting. Also, I learned a lot about technology and how it changes and gets better throughout time.

  2. The workshop was very interesting and fun as we did lot of activities and learnt so many things.It was also fun that we got people from Microsoft to talk to us about how technology can be different from now.We even watched some videos about the new x box controller for all people which is good as it lets people who are disabled have a chance to play and enjoy like everyone else.

  3. Graceanne y6 says:

    This workshop today with microsoft was so fun,I have learnt that microsoft makes video games for people who have disabilities that can be supported in many ways by the use of accessible technology. Thank you to the microsoft volunteers that came to st vincents to teach us all about technology and how it is made.
    Year 5 and 6 had a blast.

  4. I really liked the workshop as it taught us about the future of technology .
    The people who ran it were really kind and explained every thing really well.

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