Easter Celebration

The whole school have been working  hard to prepare an extra special Easter Celebration for you this year. 

The Key Stage 2 classes each prepared a play and a song to retell their part of the story of the death and resurrection of Jesus. 

The Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 classes each practiced and performed a song.

The Chamber Choir got together to learn and perform some special songs. 

Father Christopher came to school to give an Easter message and blessing to us all.

We hope that you enjoy our Easter Celebration this year. 

If you would like to join in with the songs, you can find the words here: Easter song words 2021

Happy Easter, everyone. 

4 comments on “Easter Celebration

  1. Miss Coleman says:

    What a wonderful Easter Celebration! Thank you to everyone for your beautiful reading , acting and singing. It was a really moving performance. Thank you to all the staff team, especially Miss Siswick, Mrs Rees, Mrs Casey and Mrs Avdiu. This is a really special time of year when we can celebrate our faith and feel very joyful. Happy Easter!

  2. Miss Carruthers says:

    Thank you to everyone for such a lovely Easter Celebration! I loved all the singing and acting, you did such a wonderful job! Thank you especially to Miss Siswick and Mr Rees for all their work with the songs. Well done everyone!

  3. Mrs Casey says:

    What a beautiful Easter Celebration! A little different this year but so wonderful to see everyone involved. The singing was fabulous as always, there’s definitely a power in the music. Well done everyone and Happy Easter!

  4. Célestine's family says:

    What a beautiful celebration! Congratulations to everyone at Saint Vincent’s and most importantly, a very happy Easter to all!

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