Happy Easter!

As we reach the end of the Spring Term we want to use this opportunity to reflect on the year so far and to express our gratitude for the many positive elements during this unprecedented period.

Firstly, thank you to our staff team who have worked tirelessly through every different lockdown providing a combination of remote learning and ‘at school’ education. As well as the teachers, teaching assistants and learning support assistants, this thank you extends to the support staff who keep the office running efficiently, the premises manager who looks after our school building the kitchen team who prepare lovely lunches and the cleaners who keep our school clean. Together we have provided a safe and happy learning environment for our pupils

Thank you to the school governors who have supported the leadership team throughout this period-critical friends who have provided a wise counsel.

A special thank to Father Christopher who strengthens the partnership between Church, home and school and is a calming support during these turbulent times.

Thank you to the parents who have taken on the role of teachers whilst juggling jobs, child care and many other responsibilities. You were all fantastic and that is demonstrated by the good progress our pupils have continued to make.

Thank you to the St. Vincent’s Parents’ Association Chairs and everyone who contributes to their activities. Together you have worked to maintain the traditional fun activities that we enjoy so much and this has really supported wellbeing.

Today we have enjoyed a class version of the Easter fair, with an Easter egg hunt, Easter crown and card making -and some delicious waffles!

Congratulations to all the families who won the International Easter hampers today. They look amazing!

Finally a huge thank you and well done to our pupils. We have loved having you all back at school. Your enthusiasm brings us joy every day. We are so proud of your resilience and  how hard you have worked even when away from school.

Everyone now deserves a good rest. This weekend is a time for celebration. We celebrate the joy that Jesus is risen and that there is hope for brighter times ahead,

We are blessed that St. Vincent’s is just like a family and that we unite to live our mission statement on a  daily basis.

Together through Christ we grow and learn 

We look forward to seeing you all when the new term starts on  Monday 19th April. Until then, please take care of yourselves and we hope you enjoy a peaceful and holy Easter.

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