Electrifying Electricity!

This term Year 6 have started recapping circuits, and using electrical circuit symbols for circuit diagrams.

They have also been setting up circuits and investigating broken circuits too. They have had to be systematic with how they test in order to work scientifically. The children first needed to draw the broken circuit and then draw the correct one and explain how they fixed it! They have been looking at different circuit diagrams too and learning how to recognise from a diagram whether a circuit will work and change components in a circuit so that it is complete.

Well done, Year 6!


2 comments on “Electrifying Electricity!

  1. Yvonne Robinson says:

    Dear Yr 6
    This is s really fun topic (I think they all are…of course!)
    Have a great time and it will stand you in great stead for Secondary School😉
    Love Mrs Robinson x

  2. Hi everyone,
    And hello to Mrs Robinson!!🤣 We are really enjoying this topic and we love making circuits! Mrs Robinson, We hope you are well and enjoying retirement!

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