In our English Lessons, Year 1 have been focusing on the book Astro Girl by Ken Wilson-Max

This has taken us on a wonderful journey into space, and learning all about astronauts! Year 1 have loved this book and have found the topic so interesting, even completing work at home to find out more facts about space.

During our lessons, we have thought about what it would be like to go to space, just as the main character of Astro Girl, Astrid, wants to! We have watched videos from NASA showing how astronauts move around in zero gravity whilst they are in the International Space Station. We also learnt that astronauts have their food in packets so it can last and still be fresh, even though they are in space for months at a time.

Year 1 worked in groups to think about what it takes to be an astronaut, what qualities an astronaut would have and what amazing skills they would need to work in space! The class worked in groups to come up with an ‘Advert for an Astronaut!’ and took their time to come up with a brilliant performance for their peers. After their performances, the class wrote their fantastic advert ideas in their books, focusing on making their sentences exciting, and remembering to use question marks and exclamation marks!

Year 1 have found this story fascinating, and the story has lead us to some wonderful discoveries! The class have thought about what they would like to take to space. We spent time as a class role playing going through our houses and choosing items from every room that would be useful if we were astronauts. Year 1 then put their ideas into their books, taking time to draw and label all the items they think they would pack and take to space! Next to each item they wrote what they would use it for whilst on the International Space Station!

Following on from this, Year 1 worked in groups to imagine they finally went to space. They thought about packing all the items from the previous lesson, in addition to what they would do, see and eat whilst in space! Year 1 all wrote fantastic accounts of their time in space, and the knowledge and love of this topic is evident in their amazing writing.

I am so proud of the work Year 1 have produced in their English lessons, they have all worked so hard during each lesson and thought hard about what they want to write. Here are some excellent examples of the hard work lots of children have produced, and everyone giving their best astronaut poses!

5 comments on “English: Writing about Space!

  1. I love leaning all about astronauts and I love space and moon.

  2. Alexandra Y3 🥰😍❤ says:

    Great writing Y1! I love your cool poses! 😎

  3. I love space activities, it was so fun and we got to do our space pose.

  4. Isabella says:

    I loved when my group and I performed and I would love to be an astronaut but my real dream is to be a teacher.

  5. I loved learning about space. It was so interesting learning about different planets in the universe.

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