This week Year 3 worked hard to produce some beautiful collages based on our topic: Rivers and Flooding!

Last half term we studied the work of Fahrelnissa Zeid, a Turkish abstract artist who created kaleidoscopic paintings using very bright colours and shapes to achieve an effect rather than show something in a realistic way (feel free to have a look at her wonderful art online)! We were able to imitate some of her art work in our sketch books and explore the use of colour and repeated patterns based on her painting Resolved Problems (1948).

Our final collages combined the bright colours of Zeid’s work with the use of different shapes to represent an abstract aerial view of the River Thames.

Year 3 worked hard to use precise cutting skills to create repeated patterns for the collages. We also experimented with the use of different colour shades to add depth to our work. Different shades of blue were used to represent the Thames, greys, blacks and whites were used to depict the buildings which concentrate around the river and greens was added in to reflect the wider landscape of London and the surrounding countryside. 

The collages used a range of different thicknesses and textures of paper including sugar paper, card and magazines which enabled us to create a more dynamic piece.

What was your favourite part of creating our collages? 

9 comments on “Art in Year 3

  1. Alexandra Y3 🥰😍❤ says:

    I enjoyed creating my collage. I used various colours and textures. I found looking at the aerial view of London and River Thames very interesting. I had fun. Thank you to Mr. Kersys and all my teachers for organising this art activity.

  2. I liked doing my collage because it was fun.

  3. I loved making my collage of the Thames river. Thank you for organising this fun activity for us Mr Kersys.

  4. The collages were really fun. We got to use lots of different colours. The magazines were very useful.

  5. Looks like you had loads of fun in that Art lesson!! Those collages look splendid!!!

  6. Aiden Year 5 says:

    Great job Year 3!!! I loved your collage of the river Thames.

  7. Alexander Y3😇 says:

    That was fun!

  8. The collage project was very fun to do and we made it out of paper and magazines. They were phenomenal!

  9. charles year3 says:

    My favorite part was sticking the coloured paper on the sheet and colouring in using
    bright colours. This activity was very fun and messy.

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